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Unboxing MREs: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Meals Ready to Eat’

Military MREs are the latest trend when it comes to military alimentation, and they are special bags which contain a whole meal with sides and sometimes snacks and candy. The US Government decided that they were the perfect solution for their troops’ nutrition, as they come with many nutrients and they’re ready to be consumed anytime, anywhere.

The MRE, which stands for “Meals Ready to Eat”, is the latest nutrition trend among US troops, and it helps soldiers stay fit and energetic when they’re abroad or at remote locations under adverse conditions. It can also be consumed when one is in the boot-camp stage, as it requires no preparation.

And because MREs need zero preparation, they can be used on many different occasions. Whether you’re a military man or a camping enthusiast, the MRE is your ideal nutrition option, as it can even be heated on a camp stove!

The MRE is a wonder in a bag that is equivalent to one meal. It doesn’t contain a main dish only, as it also includes snacks, beverages and many more. Feel free to go for something that fits your needs as you can buy entire packages of MREs or just individual products.

The packaging of an MRE is designed to endure extreme conditions and weather. It’s generally durable for long periods of time in the harshest conditions.Each MRE bag contains a multiplicity of foods and beverages. The military switches the menus annually, so you will find different goodies in them every year. However, each MRE generally comes with

  • Entree: a main dish like meat, pasta and others
  • Side dish: Mashed potatoes, rice etc.
  • Snack: Crackers or some bread
  • Spread: cheese spread, peanut butter or fruit jelly
  • Dessert: Pound cakes, brownies or cookies
  • Candy: Skittles, Tootsie Rolls or M&Ms
  • Beverages: Energy drinks, coffee or tea. dairy shakes, cocoa and more
  • Seasoning: depends on what you prefer
  • Flameless Heater: intended for the main dish
  • Accessories: cutlery, salt, matches, toilet paper, chewing gum and more

Generally, each bag will provide you with almost 1,250 calories, consisting of 13% protein, 51% carbs, and 36% fat. It also gives you 1/3 of the vitamins and minerals you require each day, and you’ll probably need to consume 3 MREs each day.

According to Business Insider report, MREs are more than just meals. To cite, their value is a matter of controversy. They have both supporters and naysayers, but most soldiers use them when they need them. Many actually consider them to be a “gift from above”, when they are in great need.

On the outside, it looks nothing like a gift to be honest. It’s just a brown bag with a meal in it, and it can’t be set on fire. Withal, this mysterious plastic bag comes with perks that many people might not know of. Moreover, it’s able to remain intact under the most extreme weather conditions.

If the MRE was a soldier, it would probably be a Veteran.

The MRE can also be used to create a bond between soldiers from different nations. After a hard day of training or combat, many of them tend to exchange MREs, and that brings them closer. It’s like a brown bag that comes with a bit of diplomacy in it. 

The MRE also represents a feeling of hope.

The MRE is a solid and quick nutrition solution in cases of a natural disaster. It gives hope to people who suffered tragic events, for instance, the residents of New Orleans’s Lower 9th Ward, who were left devastated from Hurricane Katrina’s force.

The MRE can also help children in need of food, as it is affordable, durable and full of nutrients. It can be transferred anywhere in the world, under any conditions.

It also inspires troops to sit and eat like friends, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. They get to know each other better, and valuable relationships are created.

MREs also lead to a variety of feelings.

MREs can help you feel very satisfied, as they are the quick and tasty meal you desired after a tough day out in the field. Sometimes though, they can also make you feel jealous of your brother in arms, as his package came with candy in it, while yours had a not-so-savory energy bar.

The worst emotion the MREs can bring is sadness. Your pals probably eat stakes at a BBQ back at home, while you’re probably in a foreign country eating a bag of MRE.

An MRE is just like veterans and their time in the army: sometimes it’s fun, others it’s pretty rough, you will definitely not want to eat them when you get back home, but you’ll never forget the people you share those magic packages with.


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