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Things You Did Not Know About ‘The Pacific’

When it comes to picking a hit movie, HBO knows how to select the award-winning series. The 2010 is the best year for “The Pacific” the award-winning HBO series which contains 10 episodes that were being produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Steven Spielberg which focuses on the Marines as they enter combat from Guadalcanal which is sometimes referred to as the Third and Fourth Battles of Savo Island to Peleliu and Okinawa. The war between them is the greatest combat and the war is very terrible because they are the enemy.

When they actually get back to their destinations, they will solve a dispute and explain how they survived the combat with the experience of the good and bad scene that occurred.

It’s the United States Marine Corps this time around and the things are just too dramatic as ever. The material named show’s rich source contains two biographies written by Marine who discovered some truly appalling action and promises to be just as fascinating a ride as “Band of Brothers” in that regard of “The Pacific”

The series was criticized by some people thought there was some evaluation that lacks the stability of “Band Brothers” which somehow followed by one company during the whole war in Europe. Without that, many past Marine and latest, we get a soft spot for it because some corps are the greatest legend like people of John Basilone and Chester Puller which were the principal. For the fanatics of the show, these are five things you might not know about HBO’s “The Pacific.”

 The Costly Miniseries Ever Filmed


The money to film “The Pacific” roughly estimated around $217 million, making the most costly miniseries ever filmed and it doesn’t even add up to the money used to market the film which was approximately $10 million as confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter in the article written in 2010. The money spent on it should not be a surprise when you think through the size and effect of the scenes or being inside a jungle for almost a year “shooting” the series which was done every day. The show’s vivacity expert, Joss Williams told Hollywood Reporter during his behind the scene.

 The Actors Trained For Beach Landing And Passed Through A Mini-Boot Camp

The training the passed through was also a good thing because the Peleliu landing space was complicated and cost out to $13,500 per person who took part in the training. To ensure that cash did not waste the series military advisor, Dale Daye made sure that the actors did extra training every morning they woke up marching out with full force.

Joe Mazzello who played Eugene Sledge explained when HBO was doing an interview with him that “We’re a bunch of actors”.and We wake up before 11 every morning. We thought it would just be an easy training and little juggling but we were in the jungle alone lifting 40 pounds of tools. It’s not an easy task for us because we all screamed.

 The Filming Of “The Pacific” Temporarily Compartment Due To Widespread Food Poisoning In The Location

Production suddenly stops in 2008 thanks to those people who catered for our breakfast which is bacon and eggs. Not less than 30 of our cast and crew members fell ill from salmonella poisoning and 5 were referred to the local hospital due to their critical condition with one admitted.

 The Series Is Based On Many Books Written By Marines Depict In The Show

The series is based on Helmet for My Pillow written by Robert Leckie and Eugene B. Sledge who wrote With the old breed; they are both main characters in the show. Another scene was coined from Red Blood, Black Sand written by Chuck Tatum and another book written by Sledge titled China Marine. “The Pacific” is majorly about the military campaign and the war as it is about their remaining impact on the Marines who fought them. In the series, Eugene Sledge transforms from a naive idealist to strong Marine, and also Robert Leckie who also struggles uninterrupted to keep from falling apart, physically and mentally.

Gary Goetzman who is an executive producer of the series explained how the war affected these men and it’s very important for him to show it. “The Pacific” is a major hit for HBO, which potentially win big and inspire other mini-series that top names production and expensive sourcebook are the rules, which we cannot rule out.

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