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Seven Steps That Help To Open Your Mind 

If you are looking forward to unleashing the immense power within you one of the first steps which you must consider taking is would be to open your mind. You must be making an attempt to learn and identify every aspect of your and conscience and subconscious mind, which are stunting the growth of your body and spirit. Positive changes will only be visible to you when you are mentally and physically willing to accept the energy which created you along with the energy around you. 

Humans have the power to develop ideas and exercise their will. As we grow it is natural for us to develop egos, which can preserve some specific ideas of ourselves in sharp contrast to the word around us. It is these very ideas which are in our minds, which make some people violent, angry, evil and sad. The ideas we have can teach us to judge unfairly, discriminate and also to hate. People usually do not understand that the ideas you have can teach us a number of lessons which you can learn or discard with the sole objective of connecting with the perfect, peaceful, loving and kind energy, which created you.

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.


In order to help you understand how to open your mind, you are advised to consider one of more of the option mentioned below. 

Keep a Check On Your Ego 

You can consider your ego as your conscious mind, which controls your behavior and tries to give an identity for the external reality within you. Your ego has the power to gain control over your life if you give it an opportunity. Your external reality is just a direct result of your spiritual and mental self. If your spiritual and mental selfs are not in the precise position, you want them to be, you can rest assured that your external self, will also suffer. Your ego will not make it easy for you to improve the quality of your spiritual and mental life. 

Remove Preconceived Judgments From Your Mind 

Numerous sources begin filling our minds with plenty of ideas and the sources would include our parents, friends, culture, teachers, history, loved ones along with religious teachers. Having a preconceived judgment within the mind can help you to identify the correct ideas while getting to understand that all other beliefs are wrong.

Learn To Remain Silent For a Change 

It is barely possible in modern societies to remain silent or enjoy the absence of the sounds. On many occasions, we are too busy talking to others, trying to relax or listen to music with unique gadgets, and therefore, we forget about ourselves and allow the rise of stress, anxiety along with numerous diseases during the process. If you are making an attempt to relax your body and spirit along with your mind without external help, it will be essential for you to open your mind to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Learning To Meditate 

You can come across a number of techniques for the meditation where the result will always remain the same to give you a relaxed state of mental and physical being by focusing on calming your mind. When you begin indulging in meditation, you create a balance between the internal and external part of you, which will be helpful to heal and revitalize you while also empowering you appropriately. 

Learning To Pray 

Learning to pray may sound silly to most of us because we have been taught by our friends or guardians that we should be using a particular method of praying. In fact, we are often told that praying is something, which is reserved for specific situations like getting something that is desired. However, a prayer should be a conversation between ourselves and the divine energy which created us because we need to find a common ground and locate the solutions for the problems we have.

Developing Trust Within Yourselves 

It is always essential to remember that you are a special creature. A reason and a meaning exist not just for all the different experiences within your life but also for your life in a whole. It will be a requirement for us to understand that we need to learn and understand to build better lives for ourselves and the people around us. If you develop a trust in every experience, you will realize that every one of them is getting you closer to the destiny of your life. Never consider them as distractions but make an explicit attempt to recognize the lesson regardless of whether you are looking at a positive or negative experience by trying to find the true meaning of every one of them. 

Believe in yourself, not only in swimming but in life itself. You always have to have fun. You have to have an open mind. If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it. Life’s too short.

-Debbie Meyer


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