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Military Spouses Who Have Made a Real Impact

There is no doubt that our military personnel serve this country while sacrificing a lot, including the precious time they could otherwise be spending with their families which they have to leave behind whenever they are deployed outstation.

But seldom do we get to hear the stories of those who they leave behind, especially their spouses who have to spend many months waiting for their love to come back home.

However they don’t just wait around, but do their own bit in serving this country. Here a few stories about those who went above and beyond to make an impact, and all of them are worth sharing.

Taya Kyle’s Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

You may remember Taya Kyle as the woman married to Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who was also known as the most deadly sniper to have ever been recruited in US history before his untimely death in 2013.

Rising from the grief of losing her husband, Taya started the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation a year later in 2014 with the mission to provide a platform for military families as well as veterans to connect with each other and also to provide enriching and interactive experiences to uplift family life.

The film American Sniper is based upon their story as well.
Caption: Rising from the grief of losing her husband, Taya started the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation a year later in 2014

Websites by Krystel Spell

What makes Krystel Spell different from the rest of the military spouses is the fact that she shares her experiences as the wife of an enlisted military member with the world through her numerous online blogs and websites.

You can find her pieces on Army Wife 101, which focuses on her lifestyle, her travels, and stories about parenting, then there is Retail Salute, which is a website providing information about retailers which offer discounts to military families, and lastly SoFluential, which helps connect businesses with military family influencers. All of her sites are quite popular!

Stephanie Brown and The Rosie Network

Stephanie Brown’s husband is the retired Admiral of the Navy, Thomas L. Brown, so she has lived in the military family environment for a considerable period of time. Indeed, she has been creating support for military families as well as veterans and warriors wounded on the battlefield for the past 20 years.

Her motivation to launch The Rosie Network came at a time when she wanted to have her family home repaired and needed a contractor, and her preference was that she wanted to hire someone who was a veteran. She found it difficult to track someone down, even though she understood that there were many veterans who were running small businesses of such sort.

Hence, she created The Rosie Network, which is essentially a database of all those businesses which have military families as owners, and without charging a fee to the businesses, the network connects customers with these businesses.

The Rosie Network allows veterans to connect with customers who are looking for their services

The National Military Spouse Network and Sue Hoppin

There were many career paths which Sue Hoppin, the wife of an Air Force member, could’ve chosen for herself, but she decided to offer her time and energy to the service of other military families.

She is an advocate for military families, and, through the National Military Spouse Network, which she created; she has provided military spouses a platform where they can network with each other to discuss opportunities.

Her work has earned her recognition as a credible voice on the matter of issues pertaining to military families, and she has articulated her perspective about the same in her book titled Family’s Guide to the Military.

The Milspo Project by Elizabeth Boardman

As a Naval officer’s wife, Elizabeth Boardman knew that she was going to have a lot of time on her hands which could be efficiently utilized.

Hence, she opted for the creation of her own business unit called the Milspo Project, a platform providing sources of networking to entrepreneurs who are also military spouses, helping them connect with business opportunities and likeminded individuals with whom they can share resources and ideas.

The project also has a monthly meet-up for all the members, and online workshops are also part of the offering to allow for skills sharing and training of new skillsets for all those looking for them.

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