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These Beautiful Military Love Letters Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Love letters have forever been a way for people in love to hear the voice from their loved ones – especially in wartime, when it is hard to know what is happening on the other side. Today, communication is much more approachable, but it is always beautiful and charming to exchange a letter with the person you love – it brings a special feeling into a relationship. For example, during the World War II, a girl named Myra Strachner exchanged about 700 letters with her lover, Private Bernie Staller.

They had been exchanging letters for a long time until Bernie went missing on a mission. Still, Myra continued to write him letters. Her last letter to him is so emotional and filled with grief that it inspired making a short movie as a memory for all those who serve military and wait for their loved ones to come from afar. This event was an inspiration for Jacob Stark, who came from a multi-generational military family (both his grandfather and father had big careers in the Army) to make this short movie. He tried to describe the two characters, Myra and Bernie, and their tragic love story. You should definitely see the movie.

This is Myra’s last letter’s text:

Darling I was at your house tonight. They showed me some pictures of you

That hair is cropped close, but still, it curled around my finger as if it were grasping it.

Ive kissed those lips.

Those legs were pressed against mine.

Ive held those wrists with my fingers.

My hands have been in those hands.

My fingers have touched those sides and both touched lightly and dug into those shoulders.

My lips have kissed that throat.

And I knew you had to be alive because youre so alive!

 Myra’s letter calls upon Bernie to visit her in her dreams that night, and that way say to her that he was still alive. She wanted to explain the power of her love and give it an opportunity which is, unfortunately, didn’t get. The next day, she was notified that Bernie was killed by Germans. The letter returned back to her, unopened.

This letter is a testimony of the love that never had a chance to grow – and it wasn’t the only one in that time. Many people served in the military, leaving their wives and families behind during the deployments or war. These letters and written words connected many people with the same memories, and for those who didn’t return, this also serves as a way to keep their memories alive.

There are many similar love stories like this one. For instance, here is a part of another letter written by an unknown man to his wife, from July 19, 1944.


My Dearest One,

Nothing much new and also it is quite late so as usual a short shorty to say hello and to let you know how much I love you.

At present, I am listening to Bob Hope guess I forgot to tell you that we now have a radio. It is an Italian job, we bought it from Bohlan. He is going home so we took it off his hands. Spent a very busy day. Cant remember doing a thing but I guess I did manage to stay on my feet.

Say I believe that a tan is developing, not sure as yet but the red seems to be changing color. At present I am quite a two-tone job, imagine I will remain that way too because I dont dare chance getting my rear sunburned (spend too much time on that thing) Hope you dont get frightened when you see this two toned job advancing toward you in your boudoirs. Certainly, hope that time isnt far off.

Well, sweetheart, I must say goodnight for now and a million kisses. Write often sweet I love so much to get your letters and I havent had any for three days. I love you darling with all my heart, body and soul.

Always your husband

This was also a sad love story since this soldier never made it to his wife. He was killed in action and buried in Florence, Italy.

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