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Surprisingly Unknown Facts About Your Favorite Superheroes

The New LegoBatman Movie has just hit the silver screen, and it has made us wonder, do we know anything about everyone’s favorite superhero? Batman has been around for 78 years now, but most of you know so little about this mysterious hero. Pretty much everything we know is that he’s the guy in the skin tight black rubber suit who was fancy a fancy car and appliances carrying well thought-off names (all of his gadgets have “bat” in it), and that he beats up bad guys and mentally deranged psychopaths. However, there is so much more into him than just that! Let us enlighten you with our Batman expertise.

Batman Hates Guns right? – Even if you don’t know much about the Caped Crusader, you must know that Batman doesn’t like using guns. Well, in the early issues of Batman, he kind of uses pistols to “fight” off bad guys. Maybe it’s because he thought it would be easier if shot them instead of having to beat them up; can’t really argue with that logic. But eventually Batman creator, Bob Kane, changed Bruce’s ideals to make him despise guns. Makes sense, since his parents were gunned down and all, right?

superhero-1Batman Does Not Kill right? – All superheroes have the “no killing policy”. And the guy that follows this rule above everyone else is Batman. But, if you watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, then you may have gotten a little confused, as it seemed like Batman killed a bunch of guys; or at least permanently disabled them. But that wasn’t the first time Batman killed, because in his early years, when he was just starting off, Batman killed some of his villains in a number of creative and gruesome ways. In his very first appearance he even punched a guy into a vat of acid then saying that it was a “fitting end to his kind”. That was a little dark, even for the Dark Knight.

Robin the Girl Wonder – Robin is the sidekick of Batman. There have been a lot of characters that have put on the red and yellow tights. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne to name a few. He’s called Robin the Boy Wonder, but not all Robins were guys. There was Carrie Kelley from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, and a girl named Stephanie Brown from the pre-New 52 comics who first appeared as the heroine Spoiler, but eventually took up the mantle of Robin when Tim Drake temporarily quit.

Batman or Batmen? – We all know that Bruce Wayne is Batman and Batman is Bruce Wayne (well, maybe except the people of Gotham city), but did you guys know that Bruce wasn’t the only one to run around in the black skin tight Batsuit? There have been 10 other different characters that have put on the Batsuit, due to different circumstances; There was Jean Paul Valley, who ran around as Batman when Bruce got his back broken by Bane. Then, during the “Battle for the Cowl” storyline, when everyone thought Bruce Wayne was dead, the three Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne) fought each other to figure out who will get to be Batman. Dick Grayson (the first Robin, who eventually became Nightwing) became the new Batman while Bruce was out of commission. There is also Terry McGinnis who is the future Batman from Batman Beyond.

superhero-3Bruces Parents Died or did they? – We all know Batman’s origin story. Back when he was a little boy, he went with his parents to watch a movie, when on the way back home, they got mugged. The robber was a little nervous and accidentally shot Bruce’s parents, and the couple died soon after, leaving little Bruce an orphan. Interestingly, in an alternate storyline called, Flashpoint Paradox, it was young Bruce who died that night, while his father, Thomas Wayne, became Batman. In our opinion, he was indeed the most badass Batman. He used guns, and was more of a slugger than his son. But the most interesting thing about this storyline is that Bruce’s mother, Martha Wayne became the Joker. Now that’s a twist you didn’t see coming.

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