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Always Running Late? Here’s what that Says About Your Personality and Chances at Success

Constant tardiness is a trait that’s often seen in a negative light, especially in professional scenarios. However, people who are always late aren’t really trying to disrespect other people as some might think.

Lateness is a characteristic that’s often attributed to people who have type B personalities. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, some researchers believe that individuals can be classified into type A and type B.

Type A people are characteristically more competitive, self-critical, and time-sensitive. If you don’t identify with these traits, you probably belong in the other category.

Let’s find out what type B people are like and why their lateness can contribute to their success.

Higher Level of Creativity

StratfordProductions/Shutterstock: Type B personalities tend to think more outside the box

Because you have a higher level of imagination, you’d find yourself looking at the bigger picture when it comes to problems. Thus, you may tend to lose track of time often as you focus on the finer details.

The upside though is that you have the ability to perform at high levels and still get excellent results. These are qualities that make for successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

More Optimistic

Another positive thing about your tendency to be tardy is that you have a more positive outlook about things. This optimism leads you to pursue things instead of giving up.

According to research done by psychologist Martin Seligman, salespeople who were optimistic ended up selling 88% more than their pessimistic counterparts.

A Talent for Multitasking

Artie Medvedev/Shutterstock: make multitasking work to your advantage by learning to manage your time better

Type B personalities have a thing for multitasking, which can also contribute to their frequent tardiness. The good news is that the ability to perform many tasks at once is a sign that you’d be more likely to succeed in life.

However, it’s also advised that you try to get this tendency under control in a way that you’d still accomplish things without ending up wasting other people’s time when you lose track of yours.

Relaxed Personality

While type A people tend to be high-strung, you’re the total opposite. Having a more relaxed personality, type b people have lower anxiety levels and manage stress better.

You’re the kind of person to keep your cool even when faced with urgent deadlines and the like. Thus, you also perform better at work even when under a lot of pressure.

Perfectionist Ways

New Africa/Shutterstock: Perfectionists are known to go through various options before choosing the best one

Being perfectionists, type B people take a lot of time ensuring that every little detail about things like their work outfit and makeup are just right. This inevitably leads to you spending more time than expected on getting ready in the morning compared to others.

Fortunately, this same trait translates to work as you make it a point to perform and finish your tasks up to your standards.

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