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ELDERBERRIES: Learn about These Powerful, Immune-Strengthening Tart Little Fruits!

What would you do if someone handed you a capsule that could regulate your blood sugar level, help you lose weight, prolong your lifespan, and manage cholesterol levels? The good news is that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for this sort of pill. In fact, it is available at your nearest grocery store, tucked away safely in the fruits aisle.

Snacking on all the different types of berries is something you might love doing, or you might enjoy the delicious goodness every morning in the form of a smoothie. But, when was the last time you decided to add elderberries to the mixture? Are you even aware of this delicious and highly beneficial type of berry?

Deposit Photos | Head to your nearest grocery store to grab the delicious berry today!

The Greatness Of Elderberries

These dark purple berry fruits are also known as Sambucus Nigra berries and are packed to the skin with fiber, which helps in lowering cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar level, aids in achieving a healthy weight, and helps you live longer. Vitamin C helps smoothen the functioning of the immune system, recreating cartridges, muscles, and blood vessels, while antioxidants help protect your cells from free radicals that may end up playing a role in heart disease, cancer, and/or other diseases.

Elderberry is used as a cure for a lot of ailments; for instance, joint muscle pain, constipation (drinking tea which is made from elderberry helps pass more stools during constipation), fever, headache, stress, epilepsy, minor skin conditions, HIVS, and AIDS.

It is also recommended to take elderberry to ease and help prevent cold and flu symptoms. There is a specific elderberry juice syrup that helps alleviate flu symptoms and lessen the amount of time the flu lasts when ingested within 48 hours.

As the uses for it are broad, elderberry comes in a variety of different forms that include pills, lozenges, teas, syrup, and even gummies! Its also used in jams, wine, food coloring, and body lotion for a sweet and pleasant odor.

Ways to take the berrylicious fruit

The ever-so-delightful taste of the elderberry syrup makes a bare spoonful go down in the most enjoyable way!

You can most certainly use it as a topping over dessert, salads, and even pancakes! Take it from us, it’ll surely make your breakfast ten times more fun and yummy.

Deposit Photos | Elderberries can even be consumed in the form of soup!

Dangers and Side Effects

Everyone has different opinions on whether the elderberry is helpful or not, but most doctors believe in having smalls doses just to be on the safe side. These berries can be disadvantageous, because if they’re consumed unripe or uncooked, they may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Consuming them in a larger amount can even cause more serious illness and poisoning!

Deposit Photos | Be careful! An excess of elderberries can make you nauseous!

Before taking the fruit, keep in mind that;

People who have immune system problems might have an adverse reaction to the elderberry

Other parts of the European elder tree, that includes leaves, twigs, branches, seeds, and roots are completely toxic as they contain ‘glycoside’, which is a type of cyanide

Getting a rash or having breathing problems after having these berries means that you may be allergic to it.

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