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These Are The Lessons That Only The Military Could Teach Us

Life’s lessons are either acquired from your own experiences, other people’s stories, in schools, or at times in the most unexpected time and place. For one, civilians like you and me can learn a lot of things from the military.

People often believe that the army can only teach you things about guns, surviving, and martial skills in general. However, such people are misled. A soldier has acquired an interesting skill suit that any man would love to possess in his civilian life.

Having that said, we enlist in here some of the most exciting lessons anyone could learn from the military.

1. Win friends even under adverse conditions.

A soldier’s life is no easy one. There are no beds when you’re out in the wild, there are definitely no showers, and the meals you get are anything else but tasty. Moreover, you just have to be out there in the field in torturing heat or painful cold. Yet, you can still make something out of it.

Civilians tend to complain about the most meaningless things. They hate not having air-conditioners or expensive beds, and they easily get whatever food they desire. A soldier never thinks in that way. After having survived under the most adverse conditions, he just doesn’t care about such petty things. Even if he was stranded in a desert, he would still find a way to survive.

It is important to control your emotions and body and be responsible. Getting things done when it’s necessary will get you noticed, while your brothers in arms will surely admire you for your confidence and stamina. Stop doing what makes you feel safe and start getting used to a hard way of life, because that will eventually pay off in the most rewarding of ways.

2. Maximize Your Efforts.

It is important to always push yourself to the limit when you’re in the army, and there’s a good reason behind that. When the time comes for you to get out of your training camp, you’ll feel a strong emotion of power. You’ll never doubt yourself again and you’ll believe that you can achieve anything. There’s literally nothing that you wouldn’t try your luck at, and that’s a valuable asset in life.

Whether it is working in a company or fixing cars at your local car dealership, you’ll realize that resumes don’t always matter that much. For soldiers, there’s nothing that they can’t achieve when they prioritize it as a goal.

The only way to achieve that mentality is to challenge yourself whenever you get the chance to. Staying in your comfort zone definitely won’t help you, and you should view any new skill set as an asset that you could use later in life.

3. Learn the HACKS to be ready in no-time.

When you’re in the military, there’s no time to prepare things, iron your shirt and stuff like that. You have to be ready to move out ASAP, and that’s why soldiers are pros when it comes to keeping their clothes tidy and packing things up. Their equipment is the best one could ask for if they wanted to go on a trip or hiking. In a way, soldiers are the best husbands women could wish for!

4. Adapt to the most challenging conditions.

The U.S. Military Survival Manual can come handy to any man who seeks the knowhow to survive in tough situations. Whether you’re a soldier or an extreme-sport enthusiast, be sure to check it out to learn valuable stuff, from starting your own fire to surviving in the wilderness.

5. It lets you feel what it’s like to be responsible for things that matter. 

Nowadays, people seem to drown in normal responsibilities, like going to work every day and being polite, and that seems like a noble cause, to be honest. However, it has nothing to do with what a soldier is responsible about.

Having to control and manage super-expensive equipment while being in a hostile environment accelerates the rate on which a soldier matures. Soldiers tend to be very responsible, and that’s why they are often admired by people. Even if you’d never worked in a company before, you would easily handle a management position if you were a soldier, because of your level of maturity and responsibility.

Again, challenging yourself is the only way to achieve this. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s definitely not bad. However, saying “no” to a challenge can only bring harm.

6. Always Care About Your Brothers

Daniel Akerson, who once served as the General Motors chariman and CEO, claimed that the army showed him the way to care about the people around him. It also taught him how to be a good listener. In addition, Michael Morris, who used to be the head of American Electric Power, stated that the military showed him how to express an opinion which took everyone’s ideas into consideration.

7. Do Everything Passionately.

The former CEO of Procter & Gamble, Robert McDonald, stated that it was his time in the army that taught him how to give everything he had in order to achieve his goal. The only way is the hard way, and McDonald knew he had to commit to his goals 100%.

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