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Why You Should Date Someone Who Loves You More

Going on a date with someone is a great feeling. It highlights the stage of courtship when two different persons get to know each other. As they say, it is during this stage where the guy tries to impress the girl – putting his best foot forward to win her heart and get the much-awaited “yes” after he asked if she could be his girl.

Many moms and grandmothers out there are still saying this time-honored adage: “Marry a man who loves you just a little more than you love him.” A persistent truism, it still shows up with predictable regularity in advice columns and comes out of the mouth of many female folks during their girls’ talk.

With this in mind, we’ve thought of citing some of the many advantages as to why dating and eventually settling with someone who loves you more than you do for him.

Why Is It Wiser To Choose Someone Who Loves You More?

There Is A Higher Chance That He Will Always Pay Attention And Put You First.

Firstly, such a man will never forget any details about something that you tell him. When a man is madly in love with a woman, he never skips the tiniest of details when it comes to his spouse. And because his love is so strong (and even stronger than yours), you’ll always be the top priority in his life.

If your man happens to mention something that you believed it was irrelevant after days of telling him, then that means that he truly pays attention to what you say. Actually, not only does he pay attention, but most importantly, he cares about everything that you say! He might feel that he’s not loved as much as he loves you, but this is something that will definitely change in the future, and you’ll reward him when the time comes.

This “He Loves Me More Than I Do” Set-Up Protects Your Heart The Most.

If you love a man more, there is a tendency that you’ll suffer more. So if you’re a type of gal who tends to give too much in the relationship whenever you’re in love, well it’s time to get rid of it. You really shouldn’t.

Some experts say that the man should outdo himself emotionally, physically and every other way. Doing this spare you from much pain of heartaches. Let’s say you don’t suffer as much if he leaves because you didn’t love him more. Makes sense, right?

Does It Really Make Moving On And Letting Go A Lot Easier? Maybe.

Relationships do fall apart. People break up. If your man loves you more, you can move on that much more quickly. It’s like it’s quite easy to grow bitter when a man leaves you and you feel like you’ve given up your hopes and dreams. That same anger simmers because you loved him so. Healing then becomes a challenge and so as of course, moving on.

When He Loves You More, He Would NOT Want To Leave You.

There’s nothing worse you can do to a guy who loves you to death than saying goodbye to him. When it’s that time for him to leave, then be sure that he’s in great pain. He can’t wait to see you again and he’s going to be thinking about it all day long until you finally meet.

If he’s about to leave and you see him hesitating to open that door, then you’re definitely the only one he thinks of. And it’s pretty sure that he counts the days ’till he sees you again. But then again, isn’t a man like that every woman’s dream? Be sure to show him that you appreciate what he does for you.

Every woman desires and deserves security. And if your man makes you feel secure, then you should never let him go.

What SCIENCE Says About This?

Generally, every woman can be benefited by a man who loves her more than she does, because that’s a valid proof that he will be with you forever, and that, in case that you want to have children with him, he’ll be around to give it his best shot.

Withal, many women are afraid of this feeling of commitment. Helen Fisher, an acclaimed anthropologist, suggested that usually, men are daydreamers when it comes to love, and they idealize the concept of romance and love. Moreover, they tend to fall in love faster and far more intensely than women do.

Fisher’s research also revealed that women are much more realistic when it comes to relationships, and they don’t focus that much on temporary feelings, like falling for someone, as they see the bigger picture behind that.

Fairy Tales And The Media Have Shaped The Way We Think About Love.


We need to be more realistic when it comes to relationships and to what we expect from our partners. The film industry has shaped a much more ideal concept about love and relationships, but in real life, we may set the rules to what we want from love and from our spouses. Fairy tales really differ from reality.

Most importantly, there’s no true definition of love, and everybody has a different concept about it on their minds. There are no rules when it comes to it, and definitely no right or wrong moves. As time progresses, you’ll see which kind of partner fits you the most.

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