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Here Are Some Valuable Wisdom From Military Wives

Getting hitched to someone with a uniform is not the entirety of the military lifestyle. There are a lot of new experiences and challenges to face when one becomes a military spouse. And the best persons to seek wisdom to and learn from are no other than those military spouses who are in the same boat as yours.

So with that, we gather these wonderful pieces from our folks to share with newly married military wives out there. Catch them all here:

Respect And Support Are As Important As Love.

Ask anyone who serves what the most important thing they need from their spouse is. They would gladly tell you this: I need their respect and support.

Being in the armed forces requires loyalty and dedication, and can be very stressful, affecting both the body and the mind. Whatever your spouse’s position in the military is, your support will be vital in order for them to be in peak efficiency.

The knowledge that you are proud of them will be that extra incentive and the boost of fortitude they will need to be the best they can be.

It’s A Love-Hate Relationship.

Sometimes your spouse will return to you and swear that they’re done with this life, they’ll get out and leave all of this behind. Other times, they’ll get a promotion or a commendation or save someone’s life and decide that their life belongs in the armed forces.

There will be ups and downs. Your love story isn’t always as lovely and worry-free you think it would be. However, it all depends on how you handle pressures and ordeals – trying to make things work and favor you and the relationship.

Understand Tha Your Husband Is Just A Cog In A Very Complex & Important Machine.

Although it may initially appear so, the military is not an ordinary job. When the clouds of war or terrorist threats gather, you always know that you and your family will feel it a lot more personally.

Savor Every Precious Moment Together.

Make the most out of everything you do for each other. Spend more quality time together as much as you could. Finding time to make good and lasting memories is a good idea to compensate the time you’re not together. Hence, this has become less of a struggle these days, thanks to the power of technology and the internet.

Don’t Get Sucked Into The Drama.

Since you have to enjoy all the time that you’re together. Make sure you get rid of life’s drama. Make no room for doubts, worries, resentments, and yes, petty quarrels.

Certainty Is Very Limited.

To be honest, the only certainty when it comes to life in the military is that payments come every 15 days. Nothing else is immune to change. LOL! As a matter of fact, no one can tell you when he/she is going to be deployed.

Keep Your Goals And Don’t Forget To Grow.

Quite often, people tend to give so much of themselves as military spouses, but there is something you should always keep in mind: You have to NOT take yourself for granted. Yes, while all this is happening, keep pursuing your goals even when you can’t chase them at that exact moment. Find time to do volunteer work, get a remote job you can do from home, run your own business, or get in touch with a support group. The idea is to do dedicate time to yourself and the things you like to do. Don’t get too caught up in the military life.

You Have To Be Strong And Patient.

Yes, my dear. You really have to – even more than you ever think you should be. Learn fortitude, support your spouse, and don’t abandon them when things get tough or loneliness hits hard. You’ll be a stronger couple for it.

MILSOs always stick together! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything and prepare yourself for sudden changes! Always expect that things might not go the way they are supposed to because most of the times, that doesn’t happen. And if you need to cry, don’t hold back. It’s normal.

Remember that “military life is what you make of it.”

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