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Here’s Why Military Men Make The Best Lovers

There are many things to love about a military guy. Aside from his well-groomed looks and sculpted physique, his character can make him irresistible. Though his uniform and muscles are great advantages that most girls would go crazy about, there are indeed more reasons to fall in love with such a man.

See, apart from style, uniforms usually signal other things as well—qualities like bravery, camaraderie, discipline and mental fortitude. Now we don’t know about you, but these qualities sound great to have in a romantic partner. Besides, they can provide something that many—if not most—women crave: A sense of security and comfort. The uniform is a direct expression of “I will take care of you and keep you safe.”

We’re not denying that there are several challenges one can face when dating military personnel. But for every such challenge, there exist a number of reasons why he might be the one for you. Here are some of them:

1. He Has Unquestionable Loyalty

Being a part of the military, he knows that his calling of serving the people and his country can take him to war zones, disaster areas, and anywhere he’s called to. And since the words “no man left behind” and “never leave your partner” define his loyalty, he has committed himself to a purpose and to one another – all for a greater cause.

This could also imply that he could adhere to vows of fidelity, commitment, selflessness, and integrity.

 2. He Values Time More Than Anybody Else

He has been trained very well to value his own time as well as that of others. Being punctual and his instinct of perfect timing have already been seared in his system. It’s a great skill to have since it means you don’t need a lot of adjustment, particularly in terms of time management.

With all the deployment schedules and conflicts, he basically knows the fact that he isn’t with his loved ones very often, so whenever he has a chance, he sees to it that he makes it count. With that in mind, you can be certain he’ll never make you feel like he is bored of you or tired of spending time with you.

3. He Never Runs Out Of Style

Military outfits take a long, long time to go out of style and a man in a neat, clean, well-pressed uniform has always captured the fantasies of women. Besides, the army’s ultra-high grooming standards mean that he is more likely to take care of himself.

4. He Can Be Both Caring And Protective, Understanding, And Strict

Military men have a natural tendency to be protective, which makes a lot of sense if you consider they professionally risk their lives to defend their own. Which means that walking next to one is one of the most care-free experiences one can have, as you know he will defend you to the end. Meanwhile, they can be surprisingly caring people. Especially if they have seen much suffering in the course of their career, they come to understand how precious kindness is and do their best to treat people with compassion.

5. He Can Introduce You To A Host Of New Experiences

If you are tired of tennis or The Price Is Right, you can be almost certain that a military boyfriend will be a gateway to a whole other level of new experiences. Never thrown a punch? He can teach you. Never gone on a crazy hike? He can take you. Never shot a gun before? He can show you how. Of course, some women have such experiences but for the majority, the hobbies of guys in the military tend to be more unusual and thus quite new!

6. He Is So Damn Polite 

Chances are good your guy is chivalrous. He’ll open doors for you, hold out a chair for you to sit, keep you on the inside when you walk on a sidewalk and generally do all the things usually associated with a long-lost era of gentlemen.

Furthermore, your gentleman will commonly be ready to defend you, so you’ll never feel abandoned when he is with you. And we don’t mean he’ll be a threatening bully, either. Just that his presence will help deter those that would seek to make your life miserable.

7. He Can Be Your BFF

 With their lives depending on their buddies, military men know how important friendship is. And if you want your relationship to succeed, you and your partner need to be friends. Your Army (or Navy, or U.S.A.F.) beau will be your best friend and he won’t take this friendship lightly, either.

8. He Won’t Restrict Your Freedom


Few know the meaning of freedom better than someone serving in the armed forces. That’s why they’re better equipped to give you personal time and the ability to live the life you want. His experience in dealing with unknown and often hostile environments means that he can adapt and do what’s best for his team—in this case, you!

They say that love is like a battlefield. Who better suited to deal with it than someone who is professionally trained to deal with battles?


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