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How To Keep Yourself Busy As A Military Wife

Deployment is common in every military family. However, it is never as easy as one might think. So when you’re having a difficult time adjusting to your current situation since your military family member has been deployed, don’t worry because it’s the norm. Sure, they may be doing their duty to the country and protecting our lives, but their absence can have emotional effects.

Still, there are things you can do to ease the pain or the heartache everyone in the family feels after a loved one has left. There are a number of tried and tested ideas about how to make the time you have to spend apart pass faster and keep your emotional -and physical- well-being intact.

Clean your home.

One way to keep yourself occupied while at the same time doing something useful, is house cleaning! With your spouse out of the way and more time on your hands, you can get down to business. Not only will you end up with a clean house, but a completed task will give you a small boost to your self-esteem for a task well-done, helping improve your mood.

Organize and declutter.

Cleaning is nonsense if you still keep things that should be let go. Your spouse’s deployment is a perfect opportunity to do some de-cluttering in your home (and perhaps your life?). It will help pass the time and getting rid of useless junk will make you feel more free and more in control of your life.

Rearrange fixture and furniture.

If you keep everything in the house exactly like it was when your spouse was there with you, you are only making their absence more pronounced. It’s like there is a loved-one-shaped hole in a perfect picture. So why not shift things around? Move the couch, set up the living room in a different configuration, put the TV on another side of the room. This way the environment will seem new and won’t constantly remind you of the one you’re missing.

Start a Do-It-Yourself project.

Take a look around you and imagine how you’d like things to be, instead of how they are. How about a new coat of paint, different wallpaper, a rustic storage chest or a beautiful mirror? That way you’ll spend your time doing something enjoyable and you’ll give your partner a pleasant surprise when they return.

You may also opt to try some DIY life hacks to come up with a project that is handcrafted out of something that seems to be worthless and useless. Each project can transform something ordinary into something beautiful and unique.

Set a schedule of activities.

Something that will both keep you occupied and help you achieve your goals at the same time is making a tight and efficient schedule. Scheduling is the process by which you plan how you’ll use your time. Doing it well can maximize your effectiveness and reduce your stress levels.

Time is of the essence especially during these times when you will want to do more productive things than sitting on the couch and just wait for him to finally come home.

Go out and reconnect with your loved ones and friends.

It’s always nice to meet new friends to widen your circle of acquaintances. Also, reuniting with your old friends is a good idea. Even if it’s been a while since you last saw them, getting back together will do you good.

So while you’re waiting for your loved one to come back to you, you have the perfect opportunity to meet up with your loved ones and friends. Their support will be very useful in dealing with the separation and having a bit of fun will certainly take your mind off the unpleasant fact that your partner is far away.

Try new things you’ve never done before.

YOLO – you only live once so trying out something new can make a huge difference in your life.  Staying inside and moping or doing the things you used to do with your spouse will not do any good for your state of well-being. So keep active, and take a few risks. Go for a trip, learn a new skill, get involved in volunteer programs or offer help at your local church. Such activities will make sure you stay out of the lonely house, you’ll be introduced to new people and perhaps discover a new hobby of yours, something to show your partner when they return so you can do together!

See, you can always find a way to survive deployment. We hope all these things are able to be of great help and you can finally start keeping yourself busy so as not to miss your better half that much.


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