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Funds Raised For Military Foundation At Softball Game

You know what’s better than playing a game? Playing one for a good cause. Recently, a game of softball was organized between the fire department and the police department of Kokomo, and considering the physical nature of their work, you can be sure that the crowd was definitely wondering who would win this test of physical fitness.

Event History

The event has been organized before as well. The previous year, according to the president of the Military Foundation J.R. Dennis., the games were planned in only a span of a few weeks, and hence things were a bit rushed.

However, they emerged successful in achieving their goal, and it became clear to him that the games needed to become a recurring affair. To smoothen their organization, a committee was formed just for the organization of these charity games.

Last years charity softball game was certainly a successful event

The funds which are raised by these games go towards aiding veterans through a fund called the Veterans Assistance Fund, aimed at providing assistance with expenditure such as utility bills or dental procedures, to name a couple.

How It Progressed

This year’s event kicked off with three things: a home run derby followed by a silent auction and then a 50/50 raffe, and by 4 pm the actual game between the KPD and the KFD started. During the first innings we witnessed both departments showcase their athletic prowess, hitting three runs and equalizing the score.

But then in the second innings the firefighters decided to pick up the pace and show the police department what they are made of, scoring three additional runs and tilting the match to their side. However, the police department was not willing to give up without a fight, and during the third innings, added three more runs to their scoreboard before the conclusion of the innings.

The fourth innings saw both of these amazingly competitive teams score more points, and the score remained equalized by the end of it yet again. Finally, during the seventh innings of the game, the KPD gave a line drive towards the centerfield, making it quite difficult for the KFD to secure the ball once again, scoring the final point of the match and ending it in their favour with a score of 8-7.

A tough competition between both the competitors, who matched each other’s physical prowess

What It Means For The KPD

The captain of the KPD Kevin Summers, in a statement, revealed that the match is more than just a fun activity for them. It is their way of giving back to the veterans.

That, and also the fact that they have a friendly competitiveness with the fire department. Summers also acknowledged the fact that the veterans have to sacrifice much more than the first responders, as at least the police or the fire department personnel get to see their families after a tiring day at work, a privilege not provided to the veterans who are serving outstation.

In continuation of their support for the veterans, the KPD then progressed to playing the winners of other games such as VETSports as well as the Military Celebrities games.

A noteworthy organization, VETSports came into existence in the year 2012 to provide reintegration opportunities to the veterans, those who are disabled, and is centred around giving them opportunities to partake in healthy activities such as archery or softball. It has already developed a presence in six states of the country, and are currently making efforts to establish a chapter in Illinois as well.

According to the regional coordinator of the VETSports’ Michigan chapter, Bryan Belcher, the goal with the foundation is simply to get these veterans who otherwise shut themselves off from the outside world, to come out of their homes and partake in social activities, ultimately rehabilitating them in society.

This helps not only their families, but also themselves. Also, the organization offers a great opportunity for them to interact with other veterans who are undergoing almost similar circumstances, allowing for a catharsis that is not possible with any other individual who has not been through similar circumstances.

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