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Attention The Military Community: LaunchCode Is Offering Free Classes For You!

When it comes to coding, there is a plethora of online learning opportunities which have made it possible for people around the world to learn programming in the comfort of their own homes. The technical skills which are transferred via online classes are good enough to equip the learner with enough knowledge to become ready for an entry level job in the tech industry.

However, this program is one of a kind as it has been tailored to a particular audience: the military community, which includes veterans, those who are still active in service, and their family members. The students who would eventually be enrolled in the training course are expected to already have leadership and other soft skills. That is why LaunchCode, the company that is offering the course, has particularly focused on the military community as it expects to find people who have mastered such soft skills.

When it comes to coding, there is a plethora of online learning opportunities

The Pre-requisites of the Course

According to LaunchCode, the course which they are offering has absolutely no pre-requisites as far as technical skills are concerned. Within the 20-weeks of the course, LaunchCode hopes to deliver as much knowledge as is necessary to become prepared for an entry level job in the technical sector. The company believes that coding is a skill attainable by anyone who puts in the required number of hours and is given the right kind of training.

A Daunting Experience

The reason why many of us don’t start taking programming classes is because we believe it is a very difficult task to accomplish. While that may be true at the beginning as we try to become acquainted with a completely new language, it becomes much easier with the passage of time.

LaunchCode’s course, according to the company, offers exactly that: an opportunity to interact with coding at a level that is challenging enough to encourage learning while at the same time removing that barrier of intimidation that block the path of many from entering this profession.

According to LaunchCode, the course which they are offering has absolutely no pre-requisites as far as technical skills are concerned

A Relaxed Learning Environment

A relaxed working environment does not impact the productivity of the course in any way, at least in the case of these classes that LaunchCode is offering. Classes are scheduled to take place twice in a week, and each class is about three-hours long.

An added relaxation with this particular course for the military community is the freedom from any financial limitations which courses normally have associated with them. Since such barriers to entry into the course have been eliminated, the company is looking forward to welcoming an interesting pool of candidates, hopefully ones that are the most interested in acquiring these technical skills. As the program begins in the first week of November, it would be interesting to witness how the program will eventually impact the lives of all those who enroll in it.

A Little Bit About LaunchCode

LaunchCode is all about connecting talent with opportunities, however in a manner that allows people with insufficient qualifications to get the most appropriate training in order to emerge as a good resource for tech companies in the future.

The company was started back in 2013 because an increasing shortage of programmers was identified in the market, especially in the St. Louis region. This happened because of two reasons. Firstly, the tech industry has grown exponentially in the past few years, and the demand for programmers has increased proportionately. And secondly, the problem was not due to shortage of enough individuals with an interest in the field of programming, but partly because of flawed recruitment policies.

According to Jim and Brendan, who are among the co-founders of LaunchCode, recruitment processes in companies still focus on college degrees and years of experience when evaluating candidates for positions in technical roles, which is flawed by design since it does not necessarily take a college degree or number of years in work experience to develop a good programmer.

With LaunchCode, and its ability to find people with talent and polish them with the skills required by the industry, many people, even those without college degrees in the field of computer science, are now able to find a job in the tech sector.

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