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Here’s Why Every Military Wife Deserves Recognition And A Standing Ovation

More than being a woman and a mother who runs the household, every military wife is a “wonder woman” in her own might and means. With all the things she does for her better half, her family, her fellowmen, and the whole nation, it’s just fair that we find ways to appreciate her self-less heart, strong personality, and invaluable efforts. Yes, she is no ordinary girl.

With much gratitude and desire to make her feel what she truly deserves, we pull off lots of reasons why her efforts must be acknowledged and why we need to respect her by all means. Read them all and know that we mean them all.

  1. You don’t buy into “out of sight, out of mind” because you know heart connections reach across state lines and continents. For you, it’s always: “Absence makes the heart grows fonder.
  2. You have the keen ability to distinguish between priorities and second things. You have this “magic” that sets your priorities straight and makes sure each is accomplished beyond expectations.
  3. You invite neighbors and friends over for Thanksgiving dinner even if you’ve just met. Your hospitality makes someone feel good and extra special. You always wear that priceless smile that brightens up someone else’s day.
  4. You can juggle more responsibilities than the busiest CEO of any companies. And when you already have your hands full, you still can manage to lend a hand to someone who needs help.
  5. It is no doubt that you are sensitive to the needs of those around you, including the way they feel. You never fail to see to it that you don’t offend someone or make them feel worse about their lives and current situations. 
  6. It is already innate in you that you seem to treat friends like family.
  7. You are proud to tell everyone that you consider honeymoons as a luxury. And you intend to make the most out of it. You are simply good at cherishing special moments even in the very least occasions.
  8. With all that you have been through, you have mastered stress management so well. It’s like you seem to maneuver chaos and uncertainty on a daily basis.
  9. You don’t bury grudges especially when you’re all alone most of the time as a parent. Technically, you’re married yet it is as if you are a single mom who delivers the babies and goes through the seasons of rearing them all by yourself.
  10. You experience seasons of being both mom and dad to your kids, and distance from family means you may add grandma, grandad, uncles, and aunts to the list. Family occasions mean a celebration with your extended families as your special guests.
  11. You have already accepted that moving from one city or state to another has been part of your lifestyle. You accept the fact that your future will be constantly rearranged according to someone else’s plans or superior’s instructions.

You seem to master starting over again every few years: new town, new neighbors, new hairdresser, new church, new house, new everything. What matter is that you don’t let changing addresses change who you really are.

  1. You have become so strong that even though your bed is too empty too often, you still manage to claim that you are happy and blessed. And you remain to be so proud of being “happily married” to a military spouse who serves the people and the country.
  2. You don’t get cranky when people make insensitive comments or remarks that don’t encourage or help at all.
  3. You respond to remarks from those who vocally disapprove of your spouse’s job and try to degrade his profession and your lifestyle with much grace yet with an emphasis on what should the remarks really be. You have mastered this skill without sounding so rude, harsh, and conceited.
  4. Your phone stays glued to your pocket not because you’re addicted to social media but because you’re anticipating that phone call or message that tells you all is well.

Military spouses wear multiple hats and are used to playing multiple roles. They contribute big time to the community and are such wonderful motivators who help each other out in the best possible ways.

The curated list actually goes on! Thank you for your undying love to your military husbands and for all your sacrifices to let him be of service to our nation. Kudos, ladies! Have a nice day!

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