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Risktakers Who Need Personal Insurance: The 25 Toughest Special Forces In The World

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable obstacle? You send in the Special Forces, that’s what. It takes a unique kind of relentlessness to join these elite groups. Some people like that you’ve met on martial arts mats. They’re the fighters that push on when all others stop.  Always fighting, always training, always pushing the limits; and they do it with no personal trainer insurance either. When at war these warriors join the battle silently, homing in for the kill, and when they leave, their enemies lie broken; unable or unwilling to fight. It’s hard to rank the various Special Forces in the world, for how does one measure valor? Below you’ll find the 25 most daring Spec Ops Groups on earth, in no specific order.



MARCOS or “Marine Commandos” are among the deadliest warriors in the world. Extreme physical and emotional conditioning are just some of the skills in these warriors’ arsenal. Along the US Navy SEALs, the “Dadhiwalee Fauj” (Bearded Army) is the only force on earth capable of full-fledged, water body combat.

Special Services Group (SSG), Pakistan


SSG warriors were first bloodied during the historic Indo-Pakistan wars and the Soviet-Afghan War. The trail of their deeds is long and well talked about, with the most notable being the rescue of hostage children from a hijacked Afghan school bus and the elimination of the 3 hijackers. The operation lasted 20 seconds.

National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN), France


Created in the wake of the 1972 Munich Olympics’ hostage massacre, the GIGN is seeing continuous action all over the world from Djibouti to Bosnia. These fearsome warriors specialise in rescue operations, having refined the neutralisation of pirates, hijackers, and terrorists to an art form. An efficient, deadly art form.

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