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There are plenty of advantages to being rich and famous, many of which related to the wealth you can accumulate and the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures without having to calculate each of your moves. Yet without a doubt, if there’s one thing any human being who knows just how challenging life can be would want, it’s the option to buy yourself one of the world’s best houses.

A fine house will not only provide you with protection, security, and stability in the world, it will also serve as a haven from the world to these paparazzi-haunted celebrities, as well as a smart long-term investment. We know the type of home we’d buy if we were rich and famous, but if you’re still not sure, we give you this sneak peek to some of the most famous celeb houses in the world.

Chris Hemsworth – $20 Million, Byron Bay, Australia

At only 36, Hemsworth has certainly achieved so much more than many people could dream, with a cool $130 million fortune. And when you are that rich, splashing big bucks on a mansion is definitely not a problem.

The Star Trek hunk and his actress wife Elsa Pataky built a place in the woods and you better believe that it is not a typical home. With a size close to a shopping mall, the ginormous house spots 5 bedrooms, 5 en-suites, a game room, a sauna, and luxurious outdoors flowing with fresh air from the surrounding trees. Truly a paradise! 

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