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Stars Who Made Incredible Body Transformations and Now Look Amazing

We are all always under pressure to look good for the outside world and the ones we love, but Hollywood stars have to deal with it on a much larger scale (no pun intended).

Endless diets, complicated surgical procedures- they’ll do whatever it takes in order for the spotlight to be kind on them and mainly because being overweight might sell for some time but your stardom -or your health for that matter- won’t last forever. We have gathered for you the most unbelievable transformations by your beloved celebrities. Browse through and learn all about it!


Peter Kay – 40 Pounds, Exercise & Diet Change

Fans of English comic personality Peter Kay were pretty much relieved when they learned that he was recently spotted in public in Blackpool, especially after his 2017 tour was cancelled all of a sudden. Another good part was that he looked much different this time!

Yes, the TV star lost around 40 pounds of weight during his big break from work and he achieved all of that through exercise and diet change. Of course, we absolutely love Peter’s newer version, and let’s hope we’ll get to see him grace the stage again very soon!

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