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Stars Who Made Incredible Body Transformations and Now Look Amazing

We are all always under pressure to look good for the outside world and the ones we love, but Hollywood stars have to deal with it on a much larger scale (no pun intended). Endless diets, complicated surgical procedures- they’ll do whatever it takes in order for the spotlight to be kind on them and mainly because being overweight might sell for some time but your stardom -or your health for that matter- won’t last forever.

We have gathered for you the most unbelievable transformations by your beloved celebrities. Browse through and learn all about it!

 Mel Gibson – 30lbs | Diet & Exercise Program

Who doesn’t know Mel Gibson? Talk about him, and the first thing that comes to any Hollywood devotee’s mind would be films like Mad MaxBraveheart, and Hacksaw Ridge. Where all the celebs look for a renowned trainer when it comes to health, this actor was fortunate enough to have found help by an Australia based fitness coach who voluntarily offered to assist the star.

With a change in diet and strict workout routine, Gibson was able to lose a whopping 30 pounds in just eight weeks. Given his well-maintained physique at present, probably nobody would be able to guess his current age.

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