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Stars Who Made Incredible Body Transformations and Now Look Amazing

We are all always under pressure to look good for the outside world and the ones we love, but Hollywood stars have to deal with it on a much larger scale (no pun intended).

Endless diets, complicated surgical procedures- they’ll do whatever it takes in order for the spotlight to be kind on them and mainly because being overweight might sell for some time but your stardom -or your health for that matter- won’t last forever. We have gathered for you the most unbelievable transformations by your beloved celebrities. Browse through and learn all about it!


Kirstie Alley – 50 Pounds, Exercise & Healthy Eating

Who said weight loss is not possible after a certain age? Just look at Star Trek’s Saavik aka Kirstie Alley who is almost 70, but appears at least twenty years younger after losing 50 pounds. The actress had always been a foodie and loved to treat herself with all types of fattening foods, and it didn’t affect her much until she crossed 50.

At that point, Alley realized that it was high time she made a lifestyle change and switched to healthy eating and regular exercising to get back into shape. What helped her maintain her slimmed-down body? Well, she keeps a count of her calories and that works apparently!

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