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Family Thought They Were Raising A Puppy Then Vet Arrived And Called The Cops

Dogs are one of the most lovable creatures we can ever have as pets, but what would be your reaction if, all of a sudden, you come to know that your pooch is entirely different from what you thought? This is something that actually happened with a family in China.

They adopted a pup and within just two years – it grew enormously, looking like a beast. On top of that, it walked on two legs which shocked the owners even more. So, what was going on exactly? Read on to unwrap the truth!

It Began On A Holiday

Su Yun was an ordinary woman from Kunming City where she lived with her husband and their two children. As we know, being in a full-time job and taking care of the family at the same time can make anyone feel stressed and so was the situation of Su as well.

One day, the hardworking woman decided that a holiday was something that was highly needed, but she was completely unaware of the surprise that fate had planned for her. In fact, no one in the family might have ever thought that it was going to be the most memorable experience of their life.


Towards A Big Surprise


The holiday was planned and everybody in the house was now looking forward to their much-needed vacation. Little did they know that a big surprise was awaiting them – something that would make headlines soon. All excited, they packed their bags and the trip began.

The Yuns had just started getting into a fun mode when they stumbled upon a brood of cute puppies put up for sale. Looking at the tiny mutts, they instantly fell in love with them and the first idea that popped into their minds was adopting one of them. They thought they were doing the right thing, but in reality, they were not!


Was It Meant To Be?


It was a major coincidence that the Yun couple had already been considering adopting a dog for the past few weeks when they got to know about the sale. Only, they were not expecting to find one like this!

Most importantly, the kids felt an instant connection with the furry guys and as they plead with their parents, they couldn’t say no. Was it really meant to be? Maybe, or maybe not! As Su held one of the puppies, she became sure of taking him in, without realizing that it was her first step towards a terrible revelation.

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