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Life Is Beautiful – A Few Easy Tips to Find the Road to Happiness

Have you ever wondered why you search for your phone when it’s in your hand? It may sound strange, but a lot of us waste our time searching for the things that are right in front of our eyes. Happiness too, is actually everywhere around you; you just need to open your eyes to it!

If we asked ten people if they’re happy, we bet at least half will start recalling past moments and say they were happier back then, while the others would wish for happier times in the future.

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TOI Img | Staying happy is a conscious decision that you can make rightaway

It’s important to realize that if you keep “wishing” you were happy, you’ll never recognize the tiny moments of joy that are already around you. So, just take a deep breath, and try letting it all out with a smile.

Having trouble doing that? Let us help you with a few tips.

Draw energy from your positive memories

Why recall painful memories when you can think of the good times and have a nice laugh? Don’t let yourself get counted among the ones who keep cursing the present and wishing things were like they were “back in the day.” Shed the love for distress and adopt the forgive-and-forget strategy. Make sure your walk down memory lane makes you feel stronger and loved, not weighed down by lifelong baggage.

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Unsplash | Draw inspiration and energy from old positive memories

Give yourself a confidence boost. No one else will do it for you!

Have you ever observed how, at a party, people flock to the one person who has the funniest stories? Well, the reason for that is simple – no one likes to hang around a whiner! If all you talk about is how life isn’t fair, after a point, even your closest friends will get frustrated with you. Don’t let people get the impression that there’s nothing interesting about you. Pull up your self-esteem, stop worrying about your shortcomings, and focus on staying positive. Only when you smile and laugh more often will the world want to smile and laugh back at you.

Fool your mind into believing you’re happy

Did you know that your mind struggles to differentiate between imagination and reality? It’s true, and you should use that to your advantage. If you imagine that you’re happy, your mind will work as if you are actually happy. Might sound silly but that’s just the way the human brain works. That’s probably why you may find that people who’re part of laughter clubs appear genuinely upbeat! Try to use your imagination to “create” happiness and enjoy your experiences more.


IncImages | Believe that you’re happy, and your mind will create a happy aura around you

To wrap it up

If you keep repeating what you’ve always done, your life will continue to be like it always was. Why not bring in a little dash of change? Instead of mulling over the past and cursing your present, focus on what good is already occurring around you. Take new, serious steps towards happiness, and you’ll see your life turning around.

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