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The Key Secret to Being Socially Intelligent? It’s All About ‘SPACE’

Succeeding in the real world, whatever field a person may be in, requires more than just book smarts. Being socially intelligent is another vital quality that an individual needs to not just lead a fruitful professional career but also live a fulfilling life.

That said, it’s important that people learn to develop this kind of intelligence in their daily lives. They can do by keeping these five key traits, as pointed out by Dr. Karl Albrecht, in mind.

Just remember the acronym ‘SPACE’.

S is for Situational Awareness

michaeljung/Deposit Photos: Studying people can help you form more genuine connections with them

One important part of socializing with others is developing a so-called social radar or a sense of situational awareness. People who are socially intelligent have a skill for being able to ‘read’ the room based on people’s emotional states and use it to communicate with them effectively.

An individual can practice this by observing what mood another person or group of people are in before approaching them and tailoring one’s approach depending on it.

P is for Presence

Like how they derail people’s work productivity, distractions can also prevent one from connecting with others when their attention is somewhere else. Remember that presence, both physical and mental, is important when socializing.

Start by making a conscious effort to listen more during conversations and adopt a learner mindset during discussions.

A is for Authenticity

pressmaster/Deposit Photos: Think about your own values and come up with a personal mission statement that aligns with it

Authenticity can further be broken down into three components: being with straight people, believing in one’s own values and beliefs, respecting oneself. Getting all of these down pat is the secret to being perceived as authentic by others.

It’s important to realize that it is with developing a deep understanding of oneself that a person becomes who they want to be.

C is for Clarity

Another component of social intelligence is clarity.

Clarity in terms of communication is necessary for people to be able to express what they think or feel in a clear manner. Albrecht suggests coming up with and rehearsing an elevator pitch about oneself or endeavors.
Imagine giving the pitch to someone who’s capable of changing one’s life and what one might say to convince them.

E is for Empathy

AntonioGuillemF/Deposit Photos: It’s important to keep an open mind when dealing with other people’s feelings and thoughts

Empathy is the final component that would bridge an individual to another. Some even consider it as the most important aspect of social intelligence.

What more, it should be a two-way street. Just as one is able to identify with other people, they should also gain the ability to inspire others.

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