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Hilary Swank Opens Up About Her Genius Charitable Foundation

When thoughts crowd up in your head, and your life becomes full of noise – and this happens to all of us – your refuge may be to resort to a quieter place. A place that doesn’t impose responsibilities or criticism and provides you with psychological peace, even if only temporarily. In such conditions, people usually resort to two options: either isolate themselves with nature and greenery or begin engaging in charitable work.

And us ordinary lot aren’t the only ones struck by this wisdom; celebrities fall prey to it as well. In fact, for them, this stage probably comes sooner than it does for us owing to their exposure to public pressure, criticism, ratings, etc. Something on similar lines happened with Hilary Swank, who was found heading to charity.


Vignette | Hilary Swank has established a charitable foundation under the name of Hilaroo

Let’s find out more, shall we?

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Hilary Swank’s stint with charity

The actress, who’s won two Oscars and has built a fantastic artistic career, has been staying out of the spotlight since 2014. According to tabloids, she decided to leave acting for temporarily “personal reasons”.

It was later discovered that Hilary’s father needed a lung transplant at the time, so Hilary preferred to stay with him not only during the operation but until he recovered completely. It took her three years, and fortunately, her father is much better now, and Hilary has decided to return to the world of acting, albeit through baby steps.

The Hollywood star is currently spending the quarantine with her husband and their four dogs in Colorado, where they’ve been for several months now in nature’s arms. And in a beautiful gesture, all four of the couple’s dogs are rescued. Hilary encourages people to adopt and rescue dogs, citing that millions don’t find adequate care or a home.


Insider | The two-time Oscar winner helps rescue abandoned dogs through her charity

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In addition to adopting rescued dogs, Hilary has established a charitable foundation under the name of Hilaroo. The concept behind the charity is pure genius; you’ll love this.

Through Hilaroo, Hilary aims to create relationships between abandoned children and dogs that need shelter, thus saving and serving both at the same time. The dawning of this idea in Hilary’s mind was only natural as she’s grown up with a strong compassion for animals. It wasn’t a surprise when she wanted to pass this experience on to the children around her.


Baltimore Sun | Through Hilaroo, Swank hopes to rescue dogs as well as abandoned children

Swank’s heart is pure gold

Hilary is known for the purity of her heart, which has been evident in multiple instances in the past. She’s known to help those around her. Hell, she gave up three whole years to take care of her father! As well as being a landmark in Hollywood, Swank is a beautiful person at heart too.

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