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Amusement Parks: The Best Outdoor Attraction For All Ages

Amusement parks, as the name itself suggests, are large outdoor areas where there are games, shows, and rides meant for entertaining the people. There is a lot for both the young and the old at such venues.

Apart from restaurants and bars, there are splashes of greenery where anyone can sit and unwind. For the more adventurous sort, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and carousels are there to launch into excitement. While some amusement parks operate all through the year, others are open only in warmer seasons.


How Did It Begin?

Back in the middle ages, wandering performers moved from one place to another singing and entertaining the people they encountered. Entertainers would come together at a public place and also perform in tents. After a few days, they would move to a new location and continue with the same. Moreover, there used to be circus artists performing and street painters making portraits of people.

The first proper amusement parks can therefore be traced back to fairs and public gardens in 16th century Europe. Eventually, they began developing in larger cities on fixed locations.

The Prater in Vienna served as a model for many others and in the US the first amusement park was located on Coney Island in New York City. Euro Disneyland opened in Paris in 1990 and was the first major amusement park outside the USA. In 1993, Japan saw the inaugural of an Asian Disneyland. In Denmark, there is Legoland which is a wonderful place built entirely out of Lego bricks.


Why Go To Amusement Parks?

People are attracted to amusement parks primarily for the rides and attractions. Carousels and merry-go-rounds were invented in the 19th century and they continue to fascinate us. With the addition of roller coasters, things were taken to a different level. The steep descent from great heights is all the adrenaline rush that people crave. Another indispensable element is the Ferris wheel which was originally built in the US. The top view offers great delight to riders.

New attractions are being invented every day and the popularity of amusement parks is ever increasing. As it has been for centuries, amusement parks remain a popular attraction for both children and adults alike.


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