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Americans Find Their Peace of Mind Riding Their Cars Alone

If you’re tired of sitting at home, frustrated from spending several hours at your desk, or just want to get away from the madness that is your house, you may need to break the routine a little. And there are several things you can do to let go of the boredom.

Some people resort to shopping, even if it’s online and even if it’s to buy food; some take walks or go for a run. But in a surprising twist, Americans have found a new way to break the monotony – spending some alone time in their cars!

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Pexels | A survey showed that Americans have started enjoying alone time in their cars

Surprising new-found American interest

It may sound a little weird, but people these days have started enjoying sitting alone in their cars. It could just be to listen to some music or have a cup of coffee, but they find unexplained psychological relief in sitting in the car. Maybe it’s just a change in the surroundings?!

In a recent survey, it was found that three-quarters of Americans have been doing this lately. They escape from the household noise and everyday boredom by sitting in their cars or taking a quiet drive. Perhaps cars have become more than just a means of transportation, maybe even our friends?

This lovely relationship between people and cars has reached its peak during the current quarantine period. Everyone’s looking for a breather, even if it’s for a few minutes, and it seems that cars have created this opportunity.


Unsplash | To escape from boredom and household noise, people are spending more time sitting alone in their cars

The type of car in this case really doesn’t matter either. You love your friend as he is, right? Whether you’re sitting in a Mustang or a regular Toyota, what you need from the car is isolation and absolute quietness, and that’s precisely what you get. Of course, you may need a good air conditioner!

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For people who work from home and don’t have to go out too often, cars may represent a safe haven from the stress of work. In a recent study, it was found that 32 percent of Americans use their cars as makeshift offices, and many also prefer to make calls and communicate with family or co-workers while they’re in their cars.

Wrapping It Up

It seems that the relationship humans have with vehicles is evolving faster than expected in the re1cent times, but no-one knows what to make of it. Will a time come when inanimate things will dominate our lives to such an extent that we will prefer communicating with them over people? After all, some people name their cars and consider them part of their family. Cute or scary?


Dissolve | What if a time comes when instead of talking to people, people start enjoying the company of inanimate objects more?

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