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From Nomad to British Lord: How a Care Worker Inherited a $65 Million Estate after Growing up Poor

Jordan Adlard Rogers’ current good fortune couldn’t be any more different than the one he grew up with. After living a nomadic lifestyle with his mother without much to their name, he is now the lord of a large estate in Cornwall, England.

Rough Upbringing

Cornwall Live/SWNS: Jordan fell behind in school due to his family’s nomadic ways

As it turns out, Jordan’s father wasn’t just any other English man. Charles Rogers was the last in the line of a wealthy clan, who has owned an estate called the Penrose Manor since the 18th century.

Jordan’s mother, Julie Adlard, met a then-31-year-old Charles when she was just 18 and got involved with him. By that time, Julie has already fallen into a spiral that saw her get into abusive relationships with violent men.

Unfortunately, Charles was also on his own path of self-destruction.

He, later on, fathered a child with Julie, who was unaware that Charles had inherited Penrose after his older brother died. However, she ended up marrying another man who would raise Jordan as his own.

Unaware of his aristocratic parentage, Jordan reportedly lived like a gypsy taking up residence in places, which didn’t even have bathrooms.

Tragic End

Daily Mirror: A portrait of a young Charles, who bears an unmistakable resemblance with his son

Jordan first met his real father at 10 years old when his mother finally took him to see Charles. However, her plans of making him acknowledge their son backfired when the event ended in a fight as Charles didn’t believe Julie’s claims.

He agreed on taking a DNA test to find out if Jordan was truly his son. However, Julie never got to follow up with him as tragedy struck her life ending with her son being sent away to his grandmother.

It wouldn’t be until Jordan was 18 that he would see his father again. By that time, Charles was already addicted to prescription drugs and lived like a hermit.

He once again agreed to take a DNA test but wanted Jordan to pay $1,300, which he couldn’t afford.

Life-Changing Event

Tim Green/Wikimedia Commons: The Penrose estate spans 1,536 acres

Jordan continued on and became a home health care worker. When he received news of his father’s death in 2018, he was already gearing to start his own family with his fiancee, Katie.

He was contacted by Penrose Manor’s estate manager who informed him that Charles was found dead after overdosing on a heroin substitute. It was his last chance to prove that he is indeed Charles’ son.

After the DNA results confirmed what he already knew, Jordan became the sole heir of Penrose Manor, which is valued at $65 million. The couple has since taken up residence in the property with their son Joshua.

The estate reportedly also comes with an annual salary of $130,000.

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