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Jessica Simpson’s Brand is Making Billions, and There is a Very Simple Reason Why!

The fashion world has used celebrities as brand endorsers for the longest period of time, as their influence helps them reach out and attract potential customers. But, having realized the influence they hold, many celebrities have come out with their own fashion brands to sell clothing and accessories under their own name.

While some of these brands also leverage on the creative input of its celebrity owner, most are based on a licensing deal whereby a celebrity simply allows a label to use his or her name for a varying amount of creative input.

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Jessica Simpson released her first music album titled Sweet Kisses when she was only a teenager.

Regardless, as celebrity influence is on the rise, so is the number of fashion outlets that carry their name. And they seem to be doing rather well too. Just take Jessica Simpson’s brand as an example. Last year, the label reported annual sales of $1 billion.

The label has been in existence for only ten years, which makes this an impressive feat. Also, considering the many celebrity-backed fashion labels which have come and gone, such as those launched by Mandy Moore (Mblem) or David Hasselhoff (Malibu Dave), Simpson’s success is truly remarkable.

What Makes Simpson’s Brand So Good?

If it was just her celebrity status behind her brand’s success, then every other brand backed by a celebrity should enjoy similar success. But as that is not the case, there is clearly something very special about Simpson’s brand that makes it a hot commodity in the fashion industry.

According to Simpson herself, that unique quality is an accurate insight into the demand of all women, which also means that she is not designing for a particular kind of woman hence appealing to a very large target market.

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Her fame as an artist helped her amass a huge fortune, which she intelligently invested in profitable ventures.

From a teenager who is looking for a cool-looking jacket or a plus-sized woman searching for a casual dress or even a grandmother who is feeling a bit fancy and hence needs a dazzling top, Simpson’s brand has got something for everyone. According to her, she has the ability to perceive what all these different types of women want, and deliver on those expectations.

Not High-Fashion

Another major differentiator which has enabled Simpson’s brand to become more successful compared to other celebrity brands is that it appealed to the average woman and not the high-fashion kind that is usually targeted by celebrity fashion labels. The Camuto Group had purchased the brand rights back in the year 2005, and now reports have announced that a majority stake has been sold to Sequential Brands, a licensing company.

According to Vince Camuto, who founded the Camuto Group and unfortunately passed away in 2015, a major reason why the brand has been successful is the fact that Simpson has remained a very likable personality who has not been part of any controversy, which has earned her brand credibility.

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Celebrities like David Hasselhoff have also started their own brands, but unfortunately, those have not been as successful as that created by Jessica Simpson.

The label can now be found at major retailers such as Macy’s or Dillard’s, with products in over 30 categories which includes footwear as well. Now, according to reports, Sequential has even bigger plans for the brand and is aiming to take it above $3 billion in annual revenue in the years to come.

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