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T.I. Shares the One Food You’d Never See Him Eat and Why He Hates It

Rapper T.I. isn’t one to shy away from sharing his opinions no matter how controversial they may be for some people. Having watched him on the VH1 reality show ‘T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ or his podcast ‘expediTIously,’ you think you may know a lot about the ‘Live Your Life’ singer.

Yet, we bet you didn’t know this one tidbit of information about the one food he hates.

Two Pet Peeves Combined

In Green/Shutterstock: Sushi is a Japanese dish that typically uses raw fish and other seafood

Speaking with Men’s Health magazine, T.I. revealed that he doesn’t really care much for sushi.

The reason? It’s because it’s practically two of his pet peeves combined in one food.

You see, the Grammy-winning artist has a dislike for raw and uncooked meat as well as cold food. That said, sushi is not something you’d catch him eating despite how popular it is among other people.

He also talked about another food item you won’t find in his fridge: raisin-filled potato salad. To be fair, he might not be alone in hating raisins added to certain dishes.

Changing His Ways

Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock: T.I. also said that he was stopped drinking beer

If you’re wondering about what kind of food T.I. actually enjoys, you might be surprised to hear that he consumes a lot of salmon, fruits, ginger ale, and tea in his diet.

Things weren’t always this healthy for him though. There was a time when he indulged in comfort foods like fries, fried chicken, and crab legs at his favorite Atlanta restaurants, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and The Cheetah.

He shared with Men’s Health magazine that he has made the choice to erase red meat from his diet. In fact, he’s mainly a pescatarian now and has been since 2016.

However, T.I. also admitted that he has gone back to eating chicken meat again during the coronavirus pandemic and would eat his preferred comfort foods sometimes.

Celebrating a Milestone

Larisa Blinova/Shutterstock: Red meat contains more saturated fat, dubbed as the bad fat by some experts, than other kinds of meat

Still, it seems like he is truly committed to his health regimen. While celebrating his 40th birthday, the celebrity talked about how his workout plan and meat-free diet help him not only to look younger but avoid feeling older, too.

T.I. got his wake up call to maintain a healthier lifestyle at the age of 34 when he noticed that his metabolism has changed. Cutting meat and switching to poultry and fish helped him have more energy and made his body aches disappear.

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