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Summer’s Best Fruit- Reap the Health Benefits of Peaches Before it’s Too Late!

The blend of orange and red tints, much like a sunset, an engrossing sweet scent, and an exciting appearance- how can peaches not grasp all your attention at the farmer’s market?

But, besides its mesmerizing appearance, peaches are packed with a handful of benefits.

Here is all the information you need about the nutrition of the yummilicious fruit, its health benefits, as well as creative and delicious ways to snack on them.

Deposit Photos | When at the farmer’s market, don’t forget to grab a bag of peaches!

Where did Peaches come from?

Peaches are known to have been around for a long time; more than 3,000 years, as a matter of fact! The exotic fruit was discovered by Spanish missionaries in China, who just couldn’t leave without bringing it to the “new world” in 1571. It is said that there are more than a hundred varieties of peaches grown in the U.S. and that the flesh of the peach can turn out to be white, yellow, and even red sometimes. That said, mostly the peaches found in the U.S. are yellow and contain a sweet flesh.

Aside from the taste and color, peaches that are picked from the roadside stands taste a little different from the ones you find at your nearby grocery store. That’s because the peaches found at the grocery store are most likely brushed mechanically after harvested to remove the peach fuzz, which is its signature; while peaches from small growers are usually picked from the trees and are delivered straight to the customer- all-natural.

What are the health benefits of this fruit?

You know what they say- fruits are natural pills that prevent many diseases from attacking you. As such, peaches are no different and come with many benefits.

Deposit Photos | Peaches are health-friendly fruits, with nothing but benefits

They are low in calories

When you are looking to find a filling yet light snack to nosh on that also happens to not be full of calories, ripe peaches are your best options! A medium-sized peach contains only 59 calories; that is half the amount of calories found in a medium-sized banana!

They are an easy source of fiber

Peaches are known to be a good source of dietary fiber. One large peach contains 3 grams of fiber, which can help fulfill your daily recommendation easily!

They contain Vitamin C

Oranges need to step aside from the spotlight because they aren’t the only ones with vitamin C. Yes, in case you didn’t know already, peaches are filled with almost 10 milligrams of the vitamin!

Ways to Nosh on this Yummy Fruit.

There are countless ways of eating these delightful fruits– it really depends on how you like to take them.

Deposit Photos | You can incorporate peaches into your favorite meals!

Slice it up into pieces and eat it raw, drop them into your favorite yogurt or cottage cheese, put it on the grill for sweet caramelized flavor- it’s really all about what your taste buds say to you!

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