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New Shocking Symptom of COVID-19, It Affects The Hair!

If you still think Coronavirus is just a cold that’s massively exaggerated by the media, you seriously need to open your eyes. Not only that, but the assumption that recovering from Corona will end all the after-effects and associated symptoms is also wide of the mark. COVID-19 is not weak. And here’s a shocker for you; it has recently been discovered that the virus negatively affects the hair!


Unsplash | Did you know Coronavirus could lead to severe hair loss?

What’s this hairy mess?

It may or may not have been a surprise for doctors researching the virus, but for us, ordinary people, the idea that a flu-like illness can cause hair loss is quite frightening, to be honest.

The World Health Organization has identified a long list of symptoms associated with the raging Coronavirus, and they include fatigue, frequent headaches, body and muscle pain, sore throat, and the appearance of spots on the skin. But this new side-effect of the virus has caused quite an alarm.

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According to a study conducted by a specialist doctor from the College of Medicine at Indiana University, out of 1500 people recovering from the Coronavirus, almost a third were suffering from hair loss. This shocker has even been published by the British newspaper Express.

When one of the people recovering from the virus was interviewed regarding this, she revealed that she had caught the disease in early April, and since then, she had lost nearly 75% of her hair! She highlighted that her face had started appearing older than before because of the infection, and she wasn’t sure if she would ever regain the density of her hair.


Dermatology | People suffering from COVID-19 have reported experiencing significant hair loss

Dr. Esther Freeman, President of the American Academy of Dermatology, commented on the phenomenon in statements he made on He said that a sharp increase was observed in the number of people suffering from hair loss since the pandemic started, and of course, it wasn’t a coincidence.

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Freeman explained that the hair loss from COVID-19 might be related to a condition called “telogen effluvium,” which results in temporary hair loss after a person experiences trauma. Among the other symptoms that appeared on those infected with the virus were severe pain in the nerves, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, blurred vision, and pain in the back and chest. A quarter of the study participants said that these symptoms were very severe.

To date, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in the world has reached more than 20 million, while the number of deaths has reached more than 750,000. Thankfully, nearly 13 million cases have been fully cured too, according to WHO estimates.


Unsplash | Among other unusual symptoms are headaches, concentration difficulty, blurred vision, and more

Wrapping It Up

Coronavirus is dangerous, probably more than you think. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the risk of infection. Follow what doctors have been saying regularly and keep yourself away from the storm. Your health matters, and so does your hair!

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