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Your Hygiene Expert – Guide to Cleaning Ears Without Hurting Yourself

If someone told you they’d guide you on cleaning your ears, you’d probably be confused and skeptical. Ear cleaning isn’t something you need guidance for, right? Just take an earbud and do it.

Well, actually, medical experts suggest that most people do this routine activity wrong. While the aim behind cleaning the ears should be to soften the tightly bound earwax so that it can be removed, some people use a little more pressure than needed and end up hurting the sensitive inner portions of their ears.

So, if you care about maintaining hygiene while keeping your ears healthy, do read this guide till the end for some great tips.


Healthline | Most ear-cleaning techniques people use aren’t right, doctors say

Tips to clean ears without causing damage

Stop ear candling

Did you know that some people use a cone-shaped lit candle to remove earwax? They do so expecting that the candle’s heat will suck out the earwax such that it will stick to the candle. Well, ouch! Just imagining the act is dreadful. Experts from the Mayo Clinic suggest that this is utterly dangerous as you are risking your body with such proximity to fire. You can pierce the inside of your ear or burn your hair while at it. Moreover, what if the melted wax goes the wrong way towards the eardrum?

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Stay away from local softeners

Most people tend to use over-the-counter earwax softeners to clean ears, but you should know that these can prove to be harmful. Studies have shown that these local softeners contain glycerin or mineral oil, which causes softened wax to go towards your eardrum. When this wax gets to the eardrum, it can become hard and cause ear blockages. Though some people may be smart about it, remember that prevention is better than cure.


medicalnewstoday | Instead of trying weird things at home, you should get your ears cleaned by doctors

Don’t use sharp or pointy objects

Many people use sharp or pointy objects to clean their ears, thinking that picking the wax with such tools will be more comfortable. This, again, is very risky as you may end up seriously injuring yourself. In addition to being sharp, such objects can be laced with microorganisms, leading to severe ear infections. While using sharp objects to clean your ear, you are likely to damage your eardrums, which may cause hearing loss.

Use warm water

With local softeners and over-the-counter earwax removal kits ruled out, the best option to soften the wax is warm water. Simple and natural! Use a rubber bulb syringe to introduce warm water (not hot) into your ear canal. You can then tilt your head and stretch the outer ear to allow the warm water, which contains the wax to drain out easily. This way, there won’t be any residual wax going to your eardrum. You can use dry your outer ear with a towel or handheld dryer.


Healthline | If you have no other option but to clean them at home, use warm water to soften and drain the wax out

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To Conclude

Going by what doctors say, earwax should be left alone. Yes, you read that right! According to them, the ear can clean itself, and there’s usually little need to get involved. But if you’re experiencing an earwax blockage or discomfort, you can visit your doctor to get your ears adequately cleaned.

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