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Have You Found ‘The One’? Here’s How You Can Ensure That Your Military Relationship Survives the Storm!

Like in every relationship, long-term military couples also require to face all the challenges and stand firm, united, and patient to make their marriage last for eternity.

However, the separation and divorce rate among military couples is relatively high, especially in the initial years of it.

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Factors Affecting Military Marriages;

The duration of military marriages depends on a few factors-

-Age: Military marriages are less likely to survive when individuals are married at a very young age. Usually, 20- 25 is considered an early age to get married. At a younger age, people see life as an opportunity to enjoy and discover and, therefore, are less compromising.

-Cast and upbringing: If from childhood, you have been taught to respect the work and sacrifices of military workers, you develop a sense of gratitude towards them. Once married to one of the military officials or service members, you consider yourself the blessed one and seek a chance to pay gratitude to the country by serving your spouse affectionately.

-Contribution of the spouses: Couples, while on the break, or during the transition period, should equally bear the burden of home duties and play their part in the relationship. For instance, if the husband has returned for a few days, the least he can do is pick and drop off the children to and from school. The wife can cook his favorite food in return, and tend to his other needs. This would show their love and devotion to their spouse and would strengthen the relationship.

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-Education: Education plays an essential part in the survival of all relationships. It provides a far-sighted and broad vision to see a relationship from all aspects and understand the desires and necessities of your better half. If husband and wife are both educated and work, they would have less time to fuss over their relationship. Whenever they would be together, they would see it as a blessing and enjoy life to the fullest. They understand the job requirements of each other and compromise.

-Ideology:  Many couples consider military jobs as not just a call for work but, as a career. They look forward to all the associated benefits received with the career advancement and after-job-gains that keep their relationship going, even with the long term distances or frequent shifting of places.

Deposit Photos | There should be no room for petty differences when you’re together

After looking at all the factors and analyzing, it cannot be comprehended that these factors are likely to affect in precisely the same way as assumed. Love and commitment of both the partners towards each other, their country, and profession can make the most challenging relationship work out successfully. Even at a young age, they would dwell on the relationship for the love of the organization they work for, keeping up with all the complexities.

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