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You Can Look Like Jennifer Aniston Now That Her Fitness Secrets are Finally Out

If you ask us, there are only a few celebrities who are as worthy of following when it comes to fitness as Jennifer Aniston. Before becoming famous, Aniston used to be on the heavier side, and it was only after she was told by an agent that her weight could cause problems in her career that she started focusing on her fitness.

It made Jennifer evaluate her diet, and she soon reached the conclusion that it was not the healthiest one. Apparently, she was fond of having milkshakes with a handsome serving of french fries and this offers us a sufficient glimpse into the extent of unhealthy foods she used to have in the past.

But in recent years, Aniston has been championing the idea that we should love our body regardless of its appearance. According to her, the days when the focus of the industry was on a person’s size are over, and now is the time to accept all shapes and sizes. Hence, when it comes to fitness, Aniston is now of the opinion that you should follow a fitness regime that suits your individual requirements.

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Ever since she has been on the hit TV sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been a style icon for millions of women around the world.

Keep Your Routine Flexible

You don’t need to follow a routine that works for the majority, as your body may require a different kind of a workout that would prove to be most effective. For example, Aniston follows a workout routine which includes weight training in the comfort of her own home for three days a week, and spin-yoga which she performs on three other days of the week. Spin-yoga involves spinning for about 25 minutes and then performing yoga exercises for around 35 minutes.

If she is not feeling like following this routine, then she mixes things up by hitting the bike, the treadmill, and then the elliptical, all for fifteen minutes each. According to her, the trick behind an effective workout lies in providing your muscles with an adequate amount of surprise every now and then to shake things up.

Eat Healthily

Aniston’s diet plan is one of the easiest to follow, not because it would satisfy your cravings, but because it is very easy to make. She starts her mornings with lemon water, followed by some coffee. Her breakfast is all liquid in the form of a protein smoothie which also contains fruits and chocolate-flavored almond milk.

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Healthy eating is part of Jennifer’s lifestyle, whereby she prefers eating nutritious foods and drinking lots of water.

For a snack before lunch, one hard-boiled egg is enough to satiate her hunger. For lunch, she likes to get a bit fancy by having tuna with a salad made up of lentils as well as cucumbers. Before dinner snack can be anything from a cup of soup to a cheese stick, and dinner is the time when she likes to have a heavy meal such as roasted chicken with a pesto sauce accompanied by spiraled zucchini.

Change With Time

Our body matures over time, and with such maturity, it brings a changing set of requirements especially when it comes to our diet. During teenage years, no matter how much you eat, it is very difficult to gain weight, but as the mid-twenties hit, you begin to realize that you are no longer able to eat as much as you used to in the past without putting on a considerable amount of weight.

The only way to eat right is to ensure that you eat clean. Aniston recommends finding out more about whatever you consume, just to figure out whether it is a portion of healthy or unhealthy food. As long as you only consume healthy foods, you don’t have anything to worry about as far as staying healthy is concerned.

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As a way of maintaining her fitness, Jennifer works out almost every day, alternating between weight training, yoga, or some good old-fashioned cardio.

Drink Water

There are two building blocks of living a fit and healthy lifestyle which Aniston swears by: drinking a lot of water and getting an adequate amount of sleep. Any deficiency in either of the two is harmful to our health. If you don’t drink enough water, then your body becomes too acidic which can result in a feeling of lethargy and make your skin look pale.

If you don’t get enough sleep then you deprive your body of an opportunity to recover from the wear and tear it incurs throughout the day. Hence, it’s adamant that you allow yourself plenty of both every day to maintain a healthy body.

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