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If You’re Among The Health-Watchers, You Should Probably Know About Pre-Diabetes

If you’re an adult and consider yourself sufficiently aware, you know what diabetes is. The disease is so common that even if you don’t have it, one of your friends or family members surely does! And those who know the disease know that it happens to the people whose bodies can’t effectively produce insulin.

Now, although you may know this condition well enough, most probably, what you don’t know is that diabetes is observed in different types – type-2, type-1, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. And if you’re wondering what pre-diabetes is, well guess what, you’re among more than half of the population of this world since many of us aren’t familiar with it.

Don’t stress. We’ll introduce to the condition right here.

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Unsplash | Pre-diabetes is an early sign of Type-2 diabetes

Pre-diabetes – What is it?

Pre-diabetes, otherwise known as the borderline diabetes, is a condition in which your blood sugar level is higher than normal but not at the level of being diagnosed as diabetes. It’s basically the alarm clock before you fall prey to type-2 diabetes. And here’s a surprising fact; reports show that over 80 million people above the age of 20 have pre-diabetes in the US! Another report said one in three adults who lives in England experiences this condition, too.

Considering the fact that only 10% of the people know they have pre-diabetes, understanding the symptoms of the disease becomes imperative. And since it is very similar to diabetes, several of the symptoms are bound to overlap. But still, it’s better to be clear.

So if you see the following signs, consult your doctor immediately:

  • You’ll feel hungrier than usual, but even after eating to your heart’s content, you’ll keep losing weight.
  • You’ll feel thirstier than usual, and consequently, you’ll feel an increased need to tinkle.
  • Fatigue will also be your companion.

Additionally, if you’re experiencing blurred vision, it’s almost 90% certain that you may have type-2 diabetes.


Pexels | The symptoms of the condition are similar to diabetes

Is there any way to cure or prevent pre-diabetes?

The below mentioned tips can help you not just prevent pre-diabetes, but also keep type-2 diabetes at bay if you have pre-diabetes.

Healthy Diet

Research shows that if you follow a low-carb diet (grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits and fiber), you can control the sugar in your blood. You can research what foods you can have or consult your doctor, but this is sure to help.

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Engage in physical activities

If you aren’t engaging in any physical activities, you need to start now. If you’re already exercising, you need to increase the volume. Studies have shown that physical activities like flexibility training and endurance training help maintain blood sugar levels.


Pixabay | If you notice pre-diabetes symptoms, make a switch to healthier diet and physical exercise

In Conclusion

Pre-diabetes is not a death sentence. It just means you need to be careful. People with diabetes live excellently. They aren’t performing magic; they just take care of themselves with tips like the ones mentioned above. And above all, staying positive should be high on your list of must do’s.

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