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You Must Avoid These Dangerous Celebrity Diet Trends at All Cost

With the culmination of the Academy Awards 2019, Hollywood celebrities can take a breather now that they don’t have to fit into fancy dresses and walk the red carpet. Some have stunned us by their impeccable gorgeousness, while others missed the mark when it came to their dress selection or the way they accessorized themselves. But one thing is for sure: many people are now aiming to follow celebrity diet plans in an effort to look just like them.

However, what many people don’t realize is that these diets are very stringent and only focused on making people look a certain way, regardless of the impact on their health, at least according to Jennifer Bier, who is a dietician and works for the MetroHealth Medical Center.

Bier believes that following such diets is not the most healthy option which you should be following, as celebrities only do so because they have this intense pressure of looking absolutely perfect. Since we don’t have such pressures, then a more moderate diet is the way to go.

Is Celery Juice Really All That Beneficial?

If you have been following health recommendations given by celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Bella Hadid, or even by someone as famous as Miranda Kerr, then you must’ve heard them promoting the inclusion of celery juice into your diet plan. Apparently, Kerr has stated that drinking around 16 ounces of the liquid first thing in the morning is essential if you are aiming to lose weight or want a fresher looking skin.

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It may not taste as good as your usual morning beverage, but drinking celery juice does have many health benefits.

Bier does not reject this on factual grounds. Celery juice does provide a punch of anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory nutrients which should improve the health of your skin as well as contribute to your weight loss goals. However, Bier stresses the fact that celery juice is also not as magical as it is being projected.

According to her, the greatest health benefit provided by the juice is that it would help you feel much fresher than you usually do; both by providing great rehydration as well as making you believe that you are living a healthier lifestyle. But, one should be wary of the fact that by juicing celery, you would be wasting all of the fiber which is highly beneficial in any weight loss diet plan. Eating celery may be a better option.

Does The Cranberry Juice Detox Really Work?

Another similar magic liquid has been promoted by Padma Lakshmi who is the host of the hit TV show Top Chef. She calls it the Cranberry Draino, and apparently drinking this multiple times every day for a total of 12 weeks led Lakshmi to lose around 15 pounds. The potion contains cranberry juice mixed with some green tea and a packet of Emergen-C, and also a fiber capsule called Metamucil.

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There is nothing that can beat the taste of freshly-made cranberry juice, that’s for sure.

But this combination when consumed in excessive amounts may prove to be rather dangerous, according to Bier. Too much Emergen-C can cause you to feel nauseated and its combination with Metamucil can result in some serious diarrhea. Although some may argue that such diarrhea helps in losing weight, but Bier argues that this is not a sustainable solution to losing weight and eventually you will end up regaining all of that lost weight as soon as you stop consuming this mix.

Should You Be Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?

It has been revealed that to keep her weight in check, Meghan Fox is in the habit of ingesting shots composed entirely of Apple Cider Vinegar, and, according to Bier, the substance has been proven by science to have weight-losing properties. Research has shown that consumption of vinegar does help in reducing cholesterol as well as helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

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Apple cider vinegar is preferred by many over synthetic vinegar due to the fact that it is completely natural and actually good for the health if consumed in diluted form.

Also, since there are fragments of protein as well as some good bacteria in vinegar, the consumer may feel fuller for a longer period of time, resulting in decreased appetite and eventually a loss in weight.

But, over-consumption of vinegar can cause some serious damage both to the throat as well as the teeth enamel due to its extreme acidity, hence only a couple of tablespoons diluted in water before some meals will do the job.

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