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There are Many Reasons Why Gaga’s Netflix Documentary Is Worth The Watch

The time has come for the world to get an inside scoop on the life of one of the most popular artists of the 21st Century, Lady Gaga, all thanks to the documentary on the superstar singer which is due to release on the online streaming service, Netflix.

To create hype for its release, Netflix has released a short trailer showing Gaga speaking very openly about the time she experienced pain from a condition called fibromyalgia, in which she talks about having suffered for five years from the pain and the great way her music and her fans have helped her in dealing with it.

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Lady Gaga is one of the most popular music icons of the 21st century.

Something New

For Gaga, being open about her feelings with her fans is nothing new as she is usually very candid when it comes to revealing personal information about her life with the public. However, it is uncommon for her to talk about the chronic pain she has suffered for many years, which makes this documentary very intriguing especially for her fans who want to hear all about it.

At a press conference which was held after the documentary’s premiere at the International Film Festival held in Toronto, Gaga said that the only way for her to deal with the pain is to convert it into something productive so that some good comes out of it.

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Millions of people around the world love Gaga, especially because she connects with them on a deeply emotional level.

One of the scenes in the documentary shows Gaga sitting in front of a doctor, wearing a paper gown, while the doctor guides her through the process which she would undergo in order to better cope with the pain. According to Gaga, the purpose of showing all of this is to tell people that there are other people fighting the same battle when it comes to dealing with chronic pain.

Many Others

Reported figures estimate that around 100 million people in the US are currently suffering from chronic pain issues, and women form the majority of that group. While acute pain may be more severe in nature, chronic pain can be considered worse because it stays there for prolonged periods of time, usually years. To deal with chronic pain, patients must take medication for as long as it takes for the pain to go away.

Suffering from chronic pain also leads many patients to suffer from anxiety or even depression, which sometimes leads to an even worse form of pain. This is where talking about the pain helps, as knowing that you are not alone in facing it helps you develop a support group and eventually the drive to fight the condition head-on.

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Chronic pain can lead to depression, however talking about it certainly helps avoid it.

Many of Gaga’s songs as well as her efforts as an activist are targeted towards helping people come out of that feeling of isolation that they are dealing with their problems all alone.

For example, she has revealed that she was assaulted as a teenager and also about the PTSD she had to face after it, not because she wanted attention, but because she wanted to tell her fans that talking about it and accepting it as a part of you is the first step towards healing yourself.

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