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Does Your Family Require More of Your Attention? Here Are the Signs

There is no doubt you are absolutely focused on your family and love them dearly, but that does not mean you are automatically and by default giving adequate attention to them. While the workplace may seem like the only place where you need to resolve issues on an everyday basis, unfortunately at home problems are not as evident. While everything at home may be seemingly going as smoothly as you expect, however your relations with your own family members may have weakened over time.

Unfortunately, you will realize this when it starts to become evident that your relations have taken a toll because of your work life, and by then it is usually very difficult to make amends. Hence, it is imperative that you focus on the warning signs to ensure that your family relationships remain intact, before it’s too late.

If you treat your home life like your work life, then there are certainly going to be problems

Do You Find Yourself Avoiding Your Family?

It is a fairly common practice to ignore that phone call which your wife or husband makes while you are in the middle of a very important business meeting. And that is, of course, absolutely fine.

However, what happens is that you fail to call them back, which reinforces this habit of rejecting calls from your family and not returning the call as soon as you get free time on your hands. Although it may seem like a completely harmless habit, but what you don’t foresee is that it usually has long-term ramifications, especially for the romance in your relationship.

The negatives come from the complaints which would be made by your family members to you, that you are not paying attention, which may cause resentment in your heart as your office usually praises you for all your efforts. It’s human nature that we prefer to remain in a favourable and positive environment, and as soon as the situation at home tilts to the negative, the office becomes the number one priority and everything else becomes a burden.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

When work becomes to overwhelming, unfortunately the first aspect of our lives that gets the axe is the time which we otherwise gave to our family. The reason why almost all of us do this is because we know that the family members would understand why we are cutting back on family time.

If your work is overwhelming you, make sure you don’t let it affect your family life

However, the remedy for this is simple, and its actionable. What you can do is arrange certain family activities everyday which you must do, like having dinner with your family every night, as a priority. Make sure you perform these activities and give it as much importance as you would give to a corporate meeting. Doing this would allow you to spend at least a fixed amount of time with your family members, improving communication and your relationship with them.

Is Your Family Getting to Know About Your Life Via Facebook?

If your mother is calling you up to congratulate you on that big promotion you received on Facebook after getting to know about it through Facebook, then you are certainly doing something wrong.

Think about it this way, if the people close to you don’t get to know about the major milestones in your life, then certainly they are not getting to know about the small ones as well. This means there is a serious lack of communication. Work on calling your loved ones who live afar at least once a week, and you will see a tremendous change in your life with the amount of unconditional support they give you.

Are You Unaware About What Is Going On In Your Family?

If the abovementioned situation is reversed and you are at the other end, then you need to assess whether it is lack of communication on your part that you don’t know about the major milestones being achieved by your family members. Work on eliminating whatever roadblocks in communication exist.

Do You Find Them Annoying?

According to Laura Luckie Finch, if you find yourself consistently annoyed by your family members, becoming irritated by the tiniest things they do, then you need to understand that this is happening because you have excluded them from your otherwise individualistic lifestyle.

This is the biggest warning sign, and there is a simple resolution for this: give them more time, and this feeling of annoyance will slowly fade away.

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