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Paul Walker Once Surprised a Military Couple with the Nicest Gift They Didn’t Expect

Almost seven years after his tragic passing in a car accident, the late actor Paul Walker’s legacy still lives on. His memory is particularly alive in the stories of good deeds people attribute to him.

One great example of this is one that a couple shared about their random but unforgettable encounter with the star at a jewelry store in Santa Barbara, California.

Chance Meeting

dotshock/Shutterstock: The couple initially decided against getting a $9,000 engagement ring

According to Kyle Upham, he and his fiancee were shopping for an engagement ring in 2004 when they struck a conversation with a fellow shopper at the store. Upham, who was then due for his second tour of duty in Iraq, was determined to find the perfect ring but didn’t have a lot to spend.

However, the mysterious shopper was urging him to take a look at the bigger rings. It was only after a few minutes of banter when Upham finally realized that he was talking to the ‘Fast and Furious’ actor.

The conversation eventually led to the couple sharing that Upham was about to be deployed again. In the end, the couple left the jewelry store without buying a ring.

Surprising Gift

miguelca/Shutterstock: Walker made his fortune from starring in seven ‘Fast and Furious’ films

They were called back to the store immediately though and were handed a bag containing a ring by the salesperson who was assisting them inside. Apparently, somebody has decided to buy them one of the expensive rings they were eyeing earlier.

The Uphams went on for a long time unable to confirm whether it was indeed Walker who bought them the ring. Their suspicions were finally confirmed when the salesperson from the jewelry store repeated the story in an interview following the actor’s death in 2013.

While $9,000 was surely not a large sum for Walker, who passed away leaving a $25 million fortune, it was a gesture that the military couple truly appreciated.

This act of kindness isn’t the only time Walker used his wealth to help other people.

A Lifetime of Generosity

danialkzm/Shutterstock: Walker’s brother Cody at the Drive 4 Paul event organized by the Paul Walker Foundation

Walker created the Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) foundation in 2010 to help bring first responders to disaster-stricken areas. He was reportedly active in managing the nonprofit and even made the trip to locations like Haiti to aid in relief efforts.

His charity work continues on as ROWW is still active today. There’s also the Paul Walker Foundation, which was reportedly created by his daughter Meadow Rain Walker when she was 16.

The now-21-year-old is still involved in the various charitable projects the foundation has.

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