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Dwayne Johnson Has the Perfect Solution for Dealing With Sadness

You must’ve noticed that Dwayne Johnson, who is also known around the world as The Rock, is always seen with a big smile on his face. The cheerful way in which he presents himself on TV interviews is evidence of the fact that Johnson has mastered a few very practical ways of dealing with his problems. In one of his interviews, while promoting his thriller/adventure film Rampage, Johnson spoke about his unique strategy of dealing with sadness.

There Are Two Ways

According to Johnson, there are two ways of dealing with sadness which he adopts, both of which are surprisingly opposing to each other. The first way is a knee-jerk response to sadness, such that he engages in an activity that helps him in throwing away such feelings. Preferably, he hits the gym and works out till his body is covered in sweat. This way, he is able to grind away all the stressful thoughts that are in his mind.

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You would rarely find a picture of Dwayne Johnson in which he is not smiling.

Contrary to this approach, Johnson also has another way of dealing with sadness, one which requires him to completely embrace the feeling. He makes sure to not distract himself from the sad feeling, instead focuses on it and lets it flow. He does this by listening to music which helps him prolong sadness a bit more, allowing him time to really introspect on his feelings.

Everyone Needs a Coping Mechanism

Dealing with sadness often requires effective stress management techniques, especially if you are someone who has a history of dealing with stress or depression related issues. Johnson has spent his fair share of tough times when he dealt with depression and hence, he is a firm believer of the fact that everyone needs to have a personalized way of dealing with sad times in order to avoid being carried away by such a strong emotional state.

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the most buffed-up celebrities in Hollywood, thanks to all the intense workouts that he enjoys.

The feeling of sadness results in acute depression especially when people are unable to break away from the vicious cycle of disturbing thoughts that are causing them constant stress. Many people use the first approach laid out by Johnson, such that they manage their feelings of sadness by engaging in an activity or an intense workout. There are also people who believe in the second approach which Johnson has prescribed, and so they work through their feelings of sadness by contemplating upon them.

You need to work on a strategy which suits your personality and, if you are unable to find an appropriate coping mechanism for yourself, then you should seek the help of a healthcare professional who can help you find an appropriate and adequate coping mechanism to deal with the feelings of sadness you encounter.

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All of us feel sad, as it is a very natural emotion. The important thing is to develop a strong coping mechanism to deal with it in the best possible manner.

Johnson recently spoke a lot about his experiences with stress and depression, and how the sadness can have devastating effects on one’s personality particularly when the response towards it is not satisfactory. In a recent tweet, Johnson remarked that both sadness and depression do not discriminate between men and women. The only way forward is to embrace it and to openly discuss it.

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