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Can’t Get Enough: Fans Rave Over Trader Joe’s Indulgent New Raspberry Treat

Trader Joe’s is known for its unique and often seasonal products that create serious buzz among its loyal customers. Their latest limited-edition treat has fans flooding online forums, raving about the decadent dessert.

A Reddit user recently posted about their experience with Trader Joe’s “Raspberry Mousse Cakes,” a six-pack of small pink cakes filled with raspberry mousse. “Never had these before. Wowwww!! Thought they’d be a good dessert for the week, but that box was gone in one hour lol. Buy at your own risk!!” they wrote.

This shopper was unprepared for how they would devour the sweet treats. And they aren’t alone in their love for these melt-in-your-mouth cakes.

An Irresistible Indulgence

trader_joes_treasure_hunt | Instagram | Vanilla cake shell with raspberry mousse filling.

Instagram | trader_joes_treasure_hunt | Vanilla cake shell with raspberry mousse filling.

The Raspberry Mousse Cakes are made fresh in-store by trained pastry chefs and feature a raspberry mousse filling encased in a vanilla cake shell. Trader Joe’s website describes them as “a sweet, tart, sublime adventure.”

Fans on Reddit seem to agree, raving about the flavor and texture of these petite pastries. “They are sweet but not too sweet with a light raspberry flavor. Sometimes raspberry things can be overpowering but these were not at all. They are a perfect light dessert/snack!” one impressed shopper wrote.

Others commented on how difficult it was to limit themselves to one or two at a time. “I have to limit myself. But I love raspberry so that makes me a little biased,” one fan confessed. Several shared stories of demolishing a whole pack in one sitting, unable to resist finishing them off. “Second time they were gone in one sitting,” one shopper admitted.

A Seasonal Treat

Instagram | kelseyoppenheim | The limited availability adds to the appeal of Raspberry Mousse Cakes.

Part of the appeal of the Raspberry Mousse Cakes is their limited availability. Trader Joe’s offered them last year around Valentine’s Day to such success that they brought them back for the 2023 holiday season. Devoted customers are savoring them while they last. “They are around in a few weeks when I’m not out of town because these sound amazing!” one shopper commented.

Others are already looking ahead to next year. “I’m going to wait until next year to buy them again,” one fan strategized. Some particularly eager shoppers spotted the cakes placed by the register, leading to impulse purchases. “They had them by the register so it was an impulse buy but I am so glad I got them. I like to eat one with a cup of tea. They are so good!” one Redditor admitted.

Can’t Get Enough

trader_joes_treasure_hunt | Instagram |The mousse filling balances sweet and tart flavors, contrasting with the cake's texture.

Instagram | trader_joes_treasure_hunt | The mousse filling balances sweet and tart flavors, contrasting with the cake’s texture.

It’s clear devoted Trader Joe’s shoppers can’t get enough of these melt-in-your-mouth raspberry treats. The creamy mousse filling provides the perfect sweet and tart flavor, while the cake exterior offers a pleasing texture contrast. Fans are finding it impossible to make the cakes last more than a day or two before the box is empty. The temptation is too strong.

Luckily for those with self-control, Trader Joe’s usually repeats popular seasonal items year after year. So even once the current batch is gone, raspberry fans can look forward to these “sublime” cakes returning next Valentine’s Day. That is, if they can wait that long. Judging by the rave reviews and boxes disappearing in hours, these mousse cakes may be too good to last until next year.

So for those looking for an indulgent dessert experience, run, don’t walk, to your nearest Trader Joe’s and grab a box of Raspberry Mousse Cakes. But be warned, you won’t be able to stop at one.

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