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Motivation Isn’t Enough to Get You to the Finish Line; You Need Discipline!

Motivation is the intrinsic spirit to undertake a challenging task. It is the positive enforcement that comes from within and keeps you going, despite the negative reception you receive. It is your mental strength that helps you undertake challenges with optimism.

However, the difference between success and failures lies not in your level of motivation but, in your discipline. Many people may be motivated to achieve high pinnacles in their career or personal lives, but, only a few succeed. Ever wonder why? If motivation is the driving force behind your endeavors, then why does it result in failure?

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Understanding the Difference Between Motivation and Discipline;

Discipline is the distinguishing feature after motivation. Your motivation alone may fall short in face of physical exhaustion or mental turmoil, but discipline gives you the winning streak, forcing you to undertake responsibility with determination.

Imagine facing a foot injury a day before your big race. You might not have the spirit to join the race track, but your sense of discipline would force you to enter the ring even if failure is inevitable.

Unsplash | Discipline is the habit that helps you succeed

Likewise, motivation can lose steam in the face of hardship or discouragement but, discipline would force you to get up early in the morning every day to achieve your goal whether your heart is in it or not.

Follow these easy steps to become disciplined and score your goals in life.

1. Turn blind to the easy way.

Does your destination seem hard to get? In your moment of weakness, your heart will urge you to quit so, that you can laze around like that person next door whose only task in life is lounging around. Remember, if you do the same, you would have wasted your life, and ten years onwards, you will look back with regret. So, strive towards your goal with all you have because there is no such thing as the “easy way”.

2. Discipline yourself with a routine.

Choose a task that motivates you. Undertake courses that fill you with thrill. Once you do this, hand over the reins to your brain and get into a strict daily routine. Even when you feel down-beaten or feel that the pace of your learning has slowed down, your determination will force you to follow the stream.

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And lastly, eye the long-term progress. It’s difficult to see yourself excelling every day; however you could see phenomenal development over the course of a month or half a year. That will keep you motivated and strong in the face of hardship and bring you closer to your success.

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