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Thought-provoking Food Decisions! Exploring the Connection Between Your Brain and Dietary Habits

You might have heard that some food choices like nuts and fish can strengthen your brain and solidifies your memories. As soon as you experience a slowing down of your faculties, the first thing you evaluate is your diet- or at least, that’s that the internet tells you to do. And, it is not wrong!

Sometimes malnutrition lowers your mental capabilities.

But, here are some precious insights about the connection between your brain and your dietary habits.

Pixabay | The complexities of the brain can leave you in awe

Did you know that upkeeping your gut health is essential for a healthy mental disposition?

Yes, it’s true. In your 30s, maintaining a healthy culture of microbes is your key priority. The good news is that a healthy gut bears well for your mental health, blocking out depression and anxiety.

Did you know that your prefrontal cortex is not fully developed in your 20s?

Your prefrontal cortex is the decision-making force in your brain. It is not fully developed until you are 25. Thus, in your 20s, when you are riddled with cravings for sugar and cheese, you must consciously remember to avoid them since your brain may not be fully assessing the disadvantages of a high carbohydrate and high sugar diet, due to its incomplete development of the prefrontal cortex.

Deposit Photos | Your cravings are a result of your brain not knowing better

Did you know that the father’s eating habits affect the fetus as much as mother’s?

In a test of rats, the rats whose fathers ate a healthy diet performed much better at the memory test than those whose fathers ate poorly. Likewise, in humans, the diet of a father influences the child’s cognitive capabilities as much as the diet of a mother.

Did you know stress can cause overeating?

Whenever we are overwhelmed by responsibilities, we can feel aggravated. Our brain releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. A stressed brain can encourage overeating by consuming more energy. Cortisol helps increase blood sugar, and adrenaline carries the increased glucose to the brain. Thus, we require more sweet meals to keep providing glucose.

In the long run, this trend of consuming excessive carbohydrates can cause anxiety and mood swings, so you should try to regulate your stress levels and make an effort to balance your diet.

Pixabay | Your binge-eating problem might be a result of stress

Take Away

As you age, the careless diet of your youth comes back to shake you with guilt and overwhelm you with the adverse results of your poor dietary choices. The extra carbohydrates that you once enjoyed, which gave you a rush of dopamine and pleasure, can taunt you with diseases like dementia, weak memory, and lower cognitive functionality.

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