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A Veteran’s Open Letter To The Prince Of Cambridge

If you were born a prince, like a famous Prince of Cambridge, you would have a lot of options for your future. You could choose to be the Prince Charming and date ladies or you could be an Evil Prince fighting for someone’s throne. You could be a Wise Prince who lives in sadness and melancholy or even a Rebel Prince who is born with many privileges. You could also decide to be a Warrior Prince. That is not just to look nice in the uniform but to fight yourself and set an example for those around you. Here are some other things you should know.

You Should Drink A Lot Of Milk

You must stay strong so keep drinking milk on daily basis. It is highly important to develop strong bones in order to become a great and strong king.

You Should Run

And learn to enjoy running. You will run a lot if you end up deciding to be a warrior prince. If you start running now, you’ll enjoy it later and have a great health condition. You may even run for days without getting tired!

You Should Study

It is important to start as soon as you can. Study hard and have an ambition from now on. How cool would it be to study something as complex as nuclear physics? Really, a prince is someone who is educated and always has a solution for the current problems – and by studying, you’ll surely become that kind of prince!

You Should Plan Your Attitude

Who knows what the future could bring? Still, everyone needs gentle and thoughtful men in the world of politics and we also need some dangerous soldiers, to keep us on the right track. Think about Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings! He is dangerous, but still so kind and good – that is definitely a winning combination!

You Should Listen To Your Mother

No matter how tough the prince is, he always gives respect to that one special person who gave him everything – his mother. You will have all the support and help whenever you need it, and in the end, you’ll going to give her respect for everything you will accomplish. Don’t forget that from now on, she is your best role model!


You Should Talk To People

The true Warrior Prince who wants to be a king someday knows what his people want. The best solution is to talk to them and see what they are up to and what they actually don’t want in their lives. As a prince, you can help them achieve many things, and thus gain their trust, which will prove very important on your way to become king.

You Should Get Involved

Don’t leave royal commitments for your future – start right now! Get involved in duties and research the things you believe you should know. Look around you and learn how things work – this will help you create a good environment and attitude toward the future. Anyhow, it takes some time to learn the behavior of a Warrior Prince, so don’t hurry. It will take some time, but it will be worth it.

The world is full of false values – starting from kings and princes down to the regular people. Don’t let yourself be too affected by other people’s opinions – do whatever you possibly can to be different and stick to your high moral values. You can manage that goal with a combination of different paths. For a start, start embracing the really valuable things that surround you. That will help you improve your behavior and learn what is important and what isn’t. Furthermore, as we have already mentioned, try watching the people around you – their attitudes will guide you. You can learn a lot from them and prioritize your goals easier. Of course, don’t ever try to become something that you actually aren’t. Be yourself and enhance your characteristics every single day. In the end, remember who you are and what you need to be and read the biographies of some famous princes and kings. Try to apply as many tips as you can in order to become a better prince (and hopefully a king) for your country!


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