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Ugly Is The New Gorgeous! Celebrities You Never Knew Were Stunning In Real Life

An actor’s job is no easy road! From hours of make-up sessions to drastic body transformations, the roles they portray can be extremely demanding sometimes. On top of that, they often have to ditch their glam to fit into an ugly-looking character, and especially when it comes to depicting bloodthirsty monsters, it is obvious that the audiences expect these nemeses to be creepy.

All thanks to stuff like prosthetics and CGI effects, many times we don’t even recognize the actual person hiding underneath. As unattractive as they appear on the screen, the following characters are just stunning in real life. Be prepared for some jaw-dropping revelations here!

Vladimir Furdik – The Night King (GoT)

This character of GoT did what nobody could do in the seven kingdoms – he just brought together all the houses who were previously busy cutting each other’s throats. With those piercing blue eyes and that terrifying icy makeup, the night king sure looked horrible in the series, but Vladimir Furdik, the actor who played the part looks pretty handsome in real life.

Maybe some of you might have passed by him on the streets but never recognized him without the get-up that he takes for the show. On that note: don’t you think his ending could have been much better on the show?

Xan Angelovich – Hero Walker (The Walking Dead)

Even for horror enthusiasts, watching The Walking Dead alone is no less than a challenge. After all, who would not get a nightmare after seeing those gruesome creatures? Probably you would never want to meet the zombies from the TV series in real life, but if we told you about Xan Angelovich, we bet you would love to see the stunning woman without the scary makeup.

She played a hero walker in a couple of seasons and let us tell you that Xan is extremely pretty otherwise. All that you saw on screen was just the power of prosthetics!

 Josh Brolin – Thanos (Avengers)

Don’t we all just love this supervillain? Maybe the fans would have had no problem at all even if he had destroyed every single superhero in the best ever sci-fi drama Avengers. The height of his popularity can be imagined by the fact that audiences found the terrifying super baddie to be extremely hot (we didn’t see that coming). The good news here is – even the actor who played this legendary character is a total stunner in real life.

Though, we don’t blame you for not recognizing the very handsome Brolin given his entire purple appearance was created with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

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