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Ugly Is The New Gorgeous! Celebrities You Never Knew Were Stunning In Real Life

An actor’s job is no easy road! From hours of make-up sessions to drastic body transformations, the roles they portray can be extremely demanding sometimes. On top of that, they often have to ditch their glam to fit into an ugly-looking character, and especially when it comes to depicting bloodthirsty monsters, it is obvious that the audiences expect these nemeses to be creepy.

All thanks to stuff like prosthetics and CGI effects, many times we don’t even recognize the actual person hiding underneath. As unattractive as they appear on the screen, the following characters are just stunning in real life. Be prepared for some jaw-dropping revelations here!

Russell Crowe – Roger Ailes (The Loudest Voice)

The latest Showtime series called The Loudest Voice has been creating a lot of buzz lately, and one of the reasons it grabbed everyone’s attention is the unbelievable transformation of the actor who played Roger Ailes on the show.

The chubby character that you see on the screen is not actually real. In fact, it took six pounds of latex and silicone and a spandex bodysuit to make Russell Crowe look like that. The reality is far different though! Now we all know that Crowe is such a good-looking guy otherwise, don’t we?

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