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Foster Mom Takes In A Baby Girl And Discovers That She Has Something Bizarre In Common With Her Son

Katie Page was living a normal life like any other young woman when she realized her true calling – taking care of abandoned children by becoming their foster mom. Soon enough, she decided to adopt a baby boy, and coincidently, an adorable little girl also came into her life shortly after her first adoption. Sounds like a simple story, right? It’s not that simple actually!

As time passed, this foster mom noticed something unusual about the children and guess what happened when the mystery was solved ultimately? Just like Katie, you will be left speechless after finding out the details!

Towards A New Beginning

Katie Page was in her early 30s when life threw a difficult challenge at her. For anyone, going through a divorce is difficult, and this young woman was no exception to it. All that she needed was to make a fresh start but the problem was – she couldn’t figure out how.

Despite being surrounded by close friends and abundant new opportunities, there was a void feeling that troubled Katie. She was dreaming of a new life that would lead her to happiness, without having any idea about the huge mystery that awaited her.

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