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Never Ever Feed Your Dog These Extremely Harmful Food Products

If you are an avid dog lover, you would totally agree that they should be raised in the best way they deserve. The way we look after our own health should be the same approach when it comes to the well-being of these canine creatures. While you might be under an impression that you are doing the best for them by feeding them premium quality dog food, it might just be an illusion. The saddest part is – they are not even able to express the suffering they go through. Let’s check out some of the most dangerous things that might be the reason for your beloved pet’s poor health.


You might have heard that preservatives are bad for humans, but for dogs’ health, they are even worse. Buying those organic pet foods that claim to be free of these harmful ingredients, you might unknowingly put a health destroyer in your beloved pooch’s body, which leads to poor nutrition and shortens their life span. The dog food making companies can often fool the pet owners by hiding the information using technical names such as Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Propylene Glycol, or BHA. So, the next time you pick one of those foods from the store, we just told you what to watch for!


Fillers are the ingredients that basically don’t bring any good to your dog’s health. Why do the companies use these? Well, simply because they are much cheaper than meat! For example, several pet food makers use grains as fillers. It’s not that all grains are bad, in fact, some options like quinoa or brown rice are fine, but only in smaller proportion. Whereas heavy grains like oatmeal, barley, white rice should be a strict ‘No’ for your mutt and it can be even more problematic if there is wheat, soy or corn mixed in their food. Probably this would be new to you: dog allergies are majorly caused by wheat!

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