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Hollywood Stars Who Served In The Military

Elvis Presley: The Brave Music Icon

Elvis Presley was already a superstar in the music industry when he drafted in the US army during the late 1950s. With his bravery, he proved that he is not only an exceptionally talented singer but also a strong man who has whatever it takes to defend his homeland.

A couple of years later when Elvis returned from duty, fans were filled with even more respect as the iconic artist donated his proud army pay for charity purpose. Thanks to his commitment as a soldier – the legend will always be remembered for great reasons other than being a performer.

Owen Wilson: Studied At A Military Institute

Looking at his personality, it’s not hard to believe that Owen Wilson used to be a troublemaker during his school days. The actor’s mischiefs were up to an extent that he even got an expulsion letter after which he was sent to a New Mexico-based military institute to learn discipline.

Maybe Wilson’s brief history in a military environment was the reason that he once made a backup plan of joining the army in case of a failed acting career. Well, we are glad the star turned out to be successful and has been entertaining us with his on-screen charm.

Joe Turkel: World War II Veteran

Some character actors are so powerful that they are remembered more than the leading stars. Same is the popularity of Joe Turkel whose performances in Blade Runner and The Shining are still alive in the memory of 1980’s moviegoers. Ever wondered from where did his tough look come from?

It could be either a gifted talent of expression or a past career in the army that is responsible for his rugged appeal. Yes, it may sound a new fact to most you, but Joe has served in the European Theater during World War II, and that explains everything why Paths of Glory is his personal favorite film.

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